Language Arts

ABEWeb   Huge organized collection of activities touching all aspects of language-learning. Check out their Teacher Page, too.

Carl’s Corner Website Directory  Links to sites and electronic resources for teaching beginning reading

Kerpoof Lesson Plans  Write and illustrate storybooks. All basic content directed to in-school use is free. Example lesson plans include “Metaphors in Fairy Tales,” “Haiku,” and “Tell a Story.”  Literature/book activities, word lists, root word lesson plans, thematic puzzles, test prep and assessment

Poetry Foundation  Find poetry by topic or author.  Browse poems and poets. Articles, video, audio and podcasts, children’s poetry, mobile poetry app, newsletters.  Create an account to save your favorites.  The Learning Lab has annotated poems, poem guides, discussion questions, writing ideas, teaching tips, core learning poems, glossary of poetry terms.  Educator section includes units and lesson plans, teacher discussion forum, great poems to teach, and a resource center.

Read Across America   NEA’s site for activity ideas and resourcesPrintable Literacy Tools from Do2Learn  Reading organizer, journal writing, author report, reading response form, story organizer, nonfiction report.  PDF or Word forms.

Reading Rockets Celebrates 10 Years of Launching Young Readers

Reading Rockets  “A national multimedia literacy initiative using research-based strategies  to spread the word about reading instruction and to present ‘what works’ in a way that parents and educators can understand and use.

The Reading Rockets project includes PBS television programs (also available online and on DVD); online services through the websites and; professional development opportunities; and a robust social community.”

Sample activity:   Grocery Store Literacy Activity Sheets  “Colorful activities to print the next time you go to the grocery store. Turn your regular trip into a reading adventure. This full set of 8 activities features familiar characters from PBS KIDS programs Word World, Super Why!, Sesame Street, Between the Lions, and Martha Speaks. (In English and Spanish)”

Shmoop  “Guides to about 200 classic school novels, with Intro (includes a Why Should I care section), Summary, Themes, Quotes, Characters, Analysis, Questions, Photos, Quizzes, Best of the Web, Write Essay and Teaching. Includes a step-by-step essay writing tool.”

Starfall Printables  Writing journals, take-home books, and activities

Teaching Library  Ideas and printables for kids’ books, from picture books to young fiction (5-11).  Popular books including James and the Giant Peach, Rainbow Fish, Skippyjon Jones, and Click Clack Moo. Many books also include YouTube videos.

Writing Fix  “Real teachers sharing great lessons designed to ‘fix’ reluctant writers.”  Top ten resources, writing prompts, inservices, developing projects, writing about reading, teaching the process, across the curriculum, writing genres, 6 trait materials, and more.

Language Arts Interactives for Primary

Garfield Reading
Grammar Blast
Grammar Gorillas
My StoryMaker  Story-creation site from Carnegie Library.  Video about how to use it.  Put in characters and scenery, and the game will create the text. You can then edit the text to say something else, and print or share your story online.
Nouns Movie
Phonics Word Builder
Picture Match Beginning Letter Sounds, Short and Long Vowels

Roy the Zebra
Scholastic Interactive Activities
Shape Poems
Spelling City
Spelling Match 
Spin and Spell
Squanky the Antonym Fairy
Synonym Sam
Vocab Games Looks like Spelling City, with topics
Wacky Web Tales like Mad Libs for parts of speech, grades 3+
Wizards and Pigs …alliteration, rhyme, rhythm
Word Frog synonyms, antonyms, homonyms
Word Jungle Synonyms
Word Whomp!

Online Audio Books
Beginning Readers
Between the Lions Stories
Book PALS/Story Line Online Stories
Johnny’s Classic Story Page
Reading Is Fundamental 
Stories for Older Readers
Talking Stories
Topsy Turvy Tales

Language Arts Interactives for Secondary

Curriki  Hundreds of interactives by grade level and topic, each reviewed and rated.

JC Schools Interactive Websites  Reading comprehension, grammar, vocab, literature trivia, and more.

Many  Word games, matching and crossword puzzles, grammar, listening, reading, writing, spelling, and more.  Targeted to ESL students, but content is low to middle level english vocabulary.

ReadWriteThink   Check out their featured interactives, character trading cards, doodle splash, drama map, fact fragment frenzy, fractured fairy tales, hero’s journey, literary graffiti, mystery cube, and more

SAS Curriculum Pathways  Learner-centered tools, lessons, and resources with measurable outcomes.  Interactives, webquests, classroom activities, web lessons, projects, and links.  To login, staff user name: clean7stars   password: use9think.  The system will send you an email and prompt you to create a personal user name. It will also give you a student username to give out to your students.  Spelling City-type games for SAT prep, idioms, literature, contractions, synonyms, foreign languages, homophones, suffixes, context, analogies, oxymorons, word play, and more.

Free Rice Grammar   Grammar game that increases with difficulty depending on your correct responses.  Missed words repeat later to help you learn them. Each correct response results in a donation of rice to the hungry.
Homograph Jeopardy

Crickweb   K-8 activities in literacy

Professor Garfield  Free digital content with a primary emphasis on literacy.  Teacher Page

Lord of the Flies Game  “The aim of this game is to introduce some basic analytical aspects of the book and to challenge the reader’s memory through play.”

Online Books  Read classic English and American literature online
UDL Editions by CAST  “Publicized by Google around the world, UDL Editions is a model for presenting classic texts from world literature in a flexible online interface with just-in-time, individualized supports for struggling and expert readers alike.”  Click anywhere in the book and it will read the text to you. Double click a word to translate it into Spanish, or click the book icon for the dictionary definitions.  Use different colored highlighting pens, then display your highlighted text in a new window, grouped by color. Select text and click the globe icon to perform a Google search.  Online texts include The Call of the Wild, The Telltale Heart, The Gettysburg Address, and Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII.

Codebusters  Mystery code game at Professor Garfield Brain Busters
Crossword   Kids’ crossword game at Professor Garfield Brain Busters  Fun and Games   Miss Spell’s Class, Adlib, Meaning Fall, Word Machine, Word Kingdom, Clockwords
Free Rice Vocab  Vocabulary game that increases with difficulty depending on your correct responses.  Missed words repeat later to help you learn them. Each correct response results in a donation of rice to the hungry.
Lemons for Literacy  Like Free Rice, but correct answers result in a donation of funds toward literacy programs.
Letter Blocks  Like Boggle.  Create words by connecting letters.
Lexipedia  A free visual thesaurus.  Double click a word to create a new web. Webs include nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, antonyms, synonyms, and ‘fuzzynyms.’
Merriam-Webster’s Word Games  Synonym game, crossword, jumble, scrabble, cryptogram, word hunt, word drop, word sudoku, and more.  The site does have ads.
Spelling City   Games, lessons, flash cards, and tests for spelling words and vocabulary.  Find a list or save your own list of words for students to practice.
Visual Thesaurus
Word Central  Alpha-bot, Robo-Bee, BIGBot and Jumble Kids from Merriam-Webster
Word Soup  Unscramble game at Professor Garfield Brain Busters

Character Scrapbook   create a scrapbook about characters from your book.

My StoryMaker  Story-creation site from Carnegie Library.  Video about how to use it.  Put in characters and scenery, and the game will create the text. You can then edit the text to say something else, and print or share your story online.

Rhyme Zone  Enter a word to find rhymes, synonyms, related words, homophones, match consonants only, find in quotes…
The Story Starter  Random generator with 1,528,065,000 story starters.
Story Starter Machine  Spin each section to create an unusual story starter.  Use their template to create a printable story, or use Word to create your own.
Thriller Whiz  Drag Word A and Word B into the box and click Whiz to generate an unusual title to write about
Witty Comics    Fun and easy comic strip maker. Create a login or use print screen to save.