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Amazing Heart Facts   “If you’re a kid, your heart is about the same size as your fist.” Fun facts from NOVA

BAM Body and Mind  Fun activities from the CDC for teaching kids about healthy habits

Carrot Stacks  How many carrots would you have to eat to equal the same amount of sugar in that snack?

Sugar Stacks   How much sugar is in common snacks?

The Biology Corner   Anatomy:  interactive quizzes, image galleries, worksheets by topic, video worksheets, dissections, tools, and more.

Biology in Motion  Enzyme characteristics, receptor and signal, intestinal gas, evolution lab, ATP and energy storage, fat digestion, thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, cell division, how the kidneys work

The Brain: A Road Map to the Mind  Click on the “next” button within the graphic of the human brain to advance through interactive slides of the parts and responses of the brain, including exterior and interior views of the brain, and fear, memory, and sensory functions.

Calculate Your BMI  Animated, interactive video from

Cookit!   “Cookit creator provides a fun way of creating a recipe and showing how it is cooked; Menumaker activity allows you to create a huge range of colorful and attractive menus; Picture Teller allows you to use your own pictures and audio to demonstrate how a recipe is made. A simple zoom tool allows you to focus in on the items in a picture you are talking about.”

Heart Transplant Game  Complete the correct steps in open heart surgery

Human Eye  Virtual eye

Learn.Genetics from the University of Utah. Virtual labs and interactive activities on various topics including DNA extraction, fight or flight response, heredity and traits, PCR, DNA microarray, cloning, synapses, epigenome, build a DNA molecule, cell size and scale, and variation.

Malaria Game from   You are the parasite or mosquito that infects a human with Malaria.

Neo K12 Interactive Diagrams   Human body systems  “29 interactive learning games of various sorts and degrees of difficulties. Most of them also include a “Read more” about the subject.”

NOVA Interactives   DNA sequences, RNAi, infection, nutrition, steroids, heart transplant, genetic mutation, stem cells, cancer, epidemiology, vaccines, sleep and memory, tongue, neurons

Organ Systems  “I’ve lost all my organs!”  Put the organs back in the correct system.

Skeleton  Label the skeleton

Flash Projects – Animation, Interaction, and Multimedia  Lists links to interactives by topic

NOVA Interactives

Tuberculosis Game from  “Try to repeat Koch’s remarkable successes. Carry out your own experiments using Koch’s methods and discover the bacteria causing tuberculosis.”

Wolfram Demonstrations Project  Interactive diagrams for Medicine