Get Ready for Summer!

Summer lets us take a break from the usual routine of school. Whether it’s travel, a summer job, quality time with your family, or an organized camp that will fill your days, make sure to make time to treat your brain! Take advantage of this time without homework or lesson planning and read to pursue your own interests, take a class to learn or sharpen a skill, or explore a little bit more of this great wide world we live in.

Teachers and Staff

Perry Township is once again offering a wide variety of free classes for professional growth. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, from making the most of elementary math and reading blocks, to differentiation for our diverse population of learners, to cultural competency, to hands-on STEM learning.

Of course, we here at the Resource Portal are partial to the technology offerings. Two highlights:

  • New this year are our Teaching and Learning with Canvas and Teaching and Learning with Google half-day topics sessions. These experiences will be set up like miniature conferences, with multiple presentations being offered simultaneously by classroom teachers and technology staff. Each 50-minute presentation will focus in on one specific topic. Some planned Canvas sessions include Canvas in the Primary Grades, StudyMate, and Customizing the Look and Feel of Your Course. Planned Google sessions include My Maps, Digital Breakouts, and Curating Teacher YouTube Channels.

  • Our Computer Science for All class is a great opportunity for K-8 teachers to get comfortable with simple programming and other elements of the new computer science standards. It is also a chance for high school teachers to learn more about simple methods of incorporating CS skills into other subject areas.

Please note that many of this year’s technology offerings have both AM and PM sessions on the same date. In most cases, the morning and afternoon are a pair of complementary classes, not a repeat of the same material. Participants are encouraged to attend for the full day!

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Things to do around town:

  • The Summer Reading Program at the Indianapolis Public Library includes lots of free workshops and movie screenings as well as the annual reading extravaganza. The program has offerings for kids, teens, and adults.

  • There are lots of fun summer activities offered by Indy Parks. Many are free or very inexpensive!

  • The downtown Indy tourism group has great suggestions for exploring around town, including 20 Free Things to Do in Downtown Indy. Note: A few of the listed activities on this site are for those 21 and over only.

Things to do online:

  • Learn a skill! It is absolutely amazing what you can find on YouTube. Lots of companies and individual experts have great channels full of tutorials. A couple of fun channels not listed elsewhere on the Resource Portal include Make Anything, Michaels Stores, Autodesk Tinkercad, and America’s Test Kitchen.

  • Learn a language! DuoLingo is free to everyone online and level one Rosetta Stone courses are offered free to Indiana residents through INSPIRE.

  • Take a free course! Khan Academy and MIT OpenCourseWare are two great places to start.

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