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Google Docs is now called Google Drive. As in your H Drive.  But it's your Google Drive.

Google Drive's software is like Microsoft Office, but free. And, multiple users can work on a document at the same time or comment on the side of a document for another person to see later.  

New Collaboration Features (2 min) 

The Paperless Classroom with Google Drive

Documents-- Word processing;  students can collaborate on class work and notes, peer edit, ask and answer questions, or participate in a back-channel discussion during lecture or videos. Teachers can use revision history in docs to monitor the activity or progress on an assignment. The  Research Tool within Docs allows students to conduct research without leaving their document.

Presentations-- Like PowerPoint, but collaborative

Spreadsheets-- Like Excel;  students could graph their Acuity data; Create a sign-up sheet in a Google spreadsheet for parent conferences, or computer lab use. Anyone can go online and add or remove their name from the document to sign up, from any computer.  You can also see revision history, in case someone decides to erase a name and put their own.  

Forms-- Quizzes and Polls; Add a Flubaroo script to your Form and it will grade it for you; students could collect data from an experiment  

Drawings--  Create mind maps, graphic organizers, and charts

There are lost of templates in the gallery, and offline apps  so that you can access your Docs without internet access. 

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