Welcome to the Perry Local Schools Blizzard Bag assignments. In the event our district exceeds five (5) calamity days, online assignment Blizzard Bags are provided for students to complete for each subject missed on the calamity day.  

To access lessons and assignments, hover over your school in the menu bar above. Select your grade level or content area. Then select each of your teachers for your assignments. Complete and return to the teacher that assigned the work. If the work is paper/pencil work, make sure any printed or handwritten work is returned back to teacher because it is a graded assignment.

In order for Blizzard Bag assignments to replace the missed work for that day, students need to complete and submit these assignments within two weeks from the date assigned. Completion of these assignments not only count as a grade but also as the student's attendance for the day.

Office of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment
Perry Local Schools – Perry, Ohio 44081