James E. Prieger

Professor of Economics

Pepperdine University

School of Public Policy

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley


office: SPP 193

(310) 506-7150 Phone

(310) 506-7494 Fax

Research Interests

Economics of Public Policy, Industrial Organization, Regulation, Applied Econometrics, Telecommunications Economics, Black Markets.

Current Research:

Entrepreneurship, R&D, and economic growth; Entry in the US broadband market; Markets for illicit goods, law enforcement, and violence.

Past Research:

Antitrust issues in network markets, the broadband Digital Divide, regulation of polluting monopolists, the impact of e-business on the economy, mobile phone use while driving and accidents, the impact of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) on retail firms, conditional moment tests for heterogeneity in parametric duration models, selection models for duration and count data, efficient Universal Service funding, alternative telecommunications regulation and innovation, the political economy of public utility regulation, and the determinants of civic engagement in California.