It it too late to join?

It is never too late to join band at P.I.C. or in your education, whether it be at PJHS, PHS, or even as an adult. Email Mr. Rusek if you are interested in being a part of the band!

What do I need to be in the band?

Your student will need an instrument in proper working order, a folding music stand for at home practice, and an Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 from which to practice. Additional supplies and accessory kits may be purchased from Quinlan and Fabish through their website or by phone. There is also the option to "Shop the Director" on the home page in which you can see suggested items for use in the PIC Band.

What is the time commitment after school?

There are no after school practices and one concert in the early Spring for the 5th grade band.

Can my son/daughter be in band and sports?

Absolutely, some of our most accomplished musicians have been involved in sports and band. There are few conflicts and none that would keep him/her from joining band and being successful.

Will my daughter/son be pulled from class for band lessons?

Band lessons take place in the afternoon based on grade level. Fifth grade students have their lessons to begin the school year and they will take place during WIN time, in the last hour of the school day. Fourth grade students will have their lessons begin following recruitment in the late Winter. Their lessons will occur also during WIN time, in which the WIN period will be split to allow for both groups to have a lesson. It is the responsibility of each student to know when to come to their lesson.

How will my student have her/his band lessons?

Students will meet in lessons in small groups of their instrument during the week. This schedule will depend somewhat on the numbers per instrument in each grade.

Will the band meet together or just in small groups?

The band will begin to meet as a full band once students are comfortable on instruments. This generally is a few weeks in to the school year before we are able to begin these practices, though they will also be during the school day.

Do I need to rent an instrument from Quinlan and Fabish?

Quinlan and Fabish provides service to our schools at no cost to the students so that each band student has the best quality instrument available. A representative from Q&F will come down each week and ensure that the directors have everything we need as well as to drop off any orders and pick up any repairs. By renting from Q&F, you can be assured that you will receive the best quality care for your student’s instrument in these beginning years of music making. You can visit Quinlan and Fabish at www.qandf.com or by calling 1-800-63-SOUSA (800-637-6872).

What if I rent an instrument from another company, will Q&F take care of it?

Quinlan and Fabish offer service plans for instruments, however not all instruments are created equal and some may be unable to be serviced. If you have questions about your instrument (before or after purchase), please contact the director or Quinlan and Fabish to see if your instrument is able to be serviced.

Why are these instruments so expensive? Isn’t a trumpet a trumpet; I found one for half this price online?

The instruments provided by Quinlan and Fabish are of high quality and will ensure that your student has a successful start to his/her band career. Other instruments available through online retailers and other stores may be of different quality and may make repairs or adjustments to the instrument difficult to accomplish. If you have any questions about other brands of instruments, please email Mr. Rusek and he will be sure to help you in choosing a well-respected brand of instrument in which your student may begin.

I have an instrument at home that belonged to a family member, is that ok for my student?

Instruments that have come from family members are a wonderful way to share music making and to create a bond between family. To ensure that your instrument is ready for beginning band, it is suggested that you have Q&F look over the instrument and give it a good cleaning and check-up before you start. You can contact Quinlan and Fabish at 1-800-63-SOUSA (800-637-6872) to discuss your instrument.