**Assignments online are subject to change.** 
What is not completed in class becomes homework and is due the next school day.

Period 2,3,4,6
Monday-  Sec 5.3 Multiplying decimal applications wkst                   
Tuesday- Sec 5.4 Dividing decimals wkst
Wednesday- Sec 5.4 day 2 division for hw, create quiz booklet in class
Thursday- Quiz review for add, subt, mult, div decimals
Friday- Decimals quiz, no hw. Extra credit due Mon

Period 7,8
Monday- Sec 6.2 Unit rates and unit prices wkst
Tuesday- Sec 6.2 Unit price and understanding proportions wkst
Wednesday - Quiz review over ratios, rates, unit rates, proportions hw sheet
Thursday - Ratios, rates, proportions Quiz, Extra credit due Friday
Friday- What's Your Rate? activity in class