**Assignments online are subject to change.** PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENT HAS A TI-34 MULTI-VIEW CALCULATOR.
What is not completed in class becomes homework and is due the next school day. Please ask your student to see their work. Many students are not finishing their homework. 
**As of third quarter, late homework will NOT BE ACCEPTED unless the student has a late pass to use for the assignment. Also," no name" papers will be considered a zero as well. 

WEEK OF May 21-25
Period 2,3,4,6      
Monday-  Review mean, median, mode, range and tables. Review sheet for Quiz
Tuesday- QUIZ    no homework
Wednesday- Notes for bar graph, line graph, histogram and worksheet
Thursday- Notes for stem and leaf plots and scatter plots and wosrksheet
Friday- Partner activity for review concepts

Period 7,8   
Monday- Bar graph, histogram, line graphs and worksheets
Tuesday- Stem and leaf and scatter plots
Wednesday- Box and whisker plots
Friday- End of year packet