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OSPE Policy Seminar Series: February 24, 2015

Wind and the Electrical Grid

Date: November February 24, 2015 at 6:30PM
FREE and Refreshments provided.

Canlan Sports Centre, 1401 Phillip Murray Avenue, Oshawa
Resource: Presentation Slide. (Click to download).
Paul Acchione, P.Eng., Past President & Chair of OSPE.

The Seminar will discuss the challenges posed by wind generation. The presentation is 1 hour followed by a question and answer period and will provide findings from OSPE’s energy advocacy studies, including:

        Why Ontario wind generation is out of step with electrical demand

        Why wind generation is difficult to integrate into Ontario’s electrical grid

        Why electricity market prices collapse and even go negative in Ontario

        Why Quebec’s hydroelectric storage capacity is not available to Ontario

        Why wind generation results in higher GHG emissions in Ontario

        Why nuclear generation is needed if low GHG emissions is a requirement

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