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Volunteers for UOIT Women in Engineering Event

Chapter members,

We have received a request from the UOIT Women in Engineering group for volunteers (both male and female) to help with their upcoming event.  Please read the details below and sign up if you are interested - a schedule of the proposed events can be found here.  A representative from UOIT will contact you.  Thank you for your interest.

At the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), women make up under 10% of our engineering student population. Across Canada our undergraduate female engineering student ratio is still under 20%, and among those with their professional designation, less than 10% ( At the 2010 National Conference on Women in Engineering (NCWIE), Chantal Guay CEO of Engineers Canada said that we need to obtain a critical mass of 30% female engineering undergraduate students before we experience major shift in attitude and culture within the profession.

At UOIT our Women in Engineering group’s mandate is to provide support to our engineering students as well as to conduct outreach to improve the perception of the industry to girls in middle and high school and help them see that it’s a viable option when looking at post‐secondary education paths.

To achieve both our mandates, our group came up with the Women in Engineering Professional Development and Outreach Day. Taking aspects of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineer’s (OSPE) Go Eng Girl event, aspects of NCWIE and a little of our own flair, the event will bring together female undergraduate students from UOIT, the University of Toronto, and girls in grades 9‐11 from Durham Region in a day of learning and understanding.

To make this day an outstanding success, however, we’re going to need you! We’re looking for lots of volunteers to come in and speak to our girls, participate in activities and just be the face of an exciting career. Please take a look of our schedule on the next page, there are descriptions of the types of participants we are looking for in each section. We are more than happy to welcome both male and female speakers. If you see a section you’d be interested in participating in (part or all of the day!), or feel that you could bring something we’ve missed to the event, please email us!

We look forward to hearing from you!
Janelle MacDougall and Samantha Hazell,
Co‐Presidents, UOIT Women in Engineering