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UOIT ACE Facility Tour

ACE Open House Invitation


Can your project or research take what ACE can throw at it? Possibilities come to life at ACE. ACE is not just Automotive. There are opportunities for specialty use in athletic training, motorsport thermodynamics / aerodynamics, equipment testing, material science, architectural, acoustic and building requirements, consumer products, film, television, photography, gaming, green energy, health sciences, sciences, social sciences, human factors, defense and emergency response. Whatever development, or research project you have, whatever kind of natural conditions you need, from desert sun to arctic blizzard, ACE is the resource that delivers solutions, all under one roof! ACE is available to every faculty at UOIT and every company in every industry.

Please visit ACE during the UOIT Campus Wide Open House on February 28th from 10:00 – 2:00. This open house is being put together for anyone and everyone who is interested or curious to what ACE has to offer. We want to give you an opportunity to learn about ACE – and what it has to offer as a world class product development & research facility. ACE drives testing solutions for visionaries from all fields and industries.

The ACE doors will be open to everyone and will provide an opportunity to:

  • Freely explore all 5 testing chambers at ACE and see real examples of how diverse ACE is
  • Ask questions and learn about the expertise and possibilities at ACE
  • Understand how ACE can assist with your business, idea or research
  • Meet UOIT students on the FEAS Motorsport team
  • See a Motorsport Vehicle in the Wind Tunnel

The possibilities are endless at ACE!

We look forward to seeing everyone there.