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OSPE Policy Seminar Series: June 2014

The Real Cost of Electrical Energy

Date: June 11, 2014 at 6:30PM
FREE and Refreshments provided.

Town of Ajax Library, Main Branch,
55 Harwood Avenue South (Next to Town Hall)
Resource: Presentation Slide. (Click to download).
Paul Acchione, P.Eng., President & Chair of OSPE.

The Seminar will discuss the real cost of wind, solar, nuclear and gas generation. The presentation is 1 hour followed by a question and answer period and will provide information from OSPE’s energy advocacy studies, including:

        Why the demand profile is critical to understanding the real cost of production

        Price confusion - the different prices for electricity (HOEP, GA, LCOE, TOU)

        The cost impact of load following (dispatching)

        The importance of effectively integrating the various diverse technologies

        Solar and wind production profiles and what that means for the grid

        The total delivered energy cost of solar, wind, nuclear and natural gas

If you are having trouble registering online using the form below, please contact our Vice Chair Raihan Khondker, P.Eng.  to register.

OSPE Speaker Series June 2014