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Speaker Series with Vanni Iemma P.Eng

The Production Overview of Uranium Dioxide (UO2) – The fuel of approximately 50% of Ontario’s Power

 August 28th, 2013, 18:00 (sharp)

Cameco is one of the world’s largest uranium producers. Their corporate headquarters is located in Saskatchewan, and their largest Uranium mines are located in Northern Saskatchewan. Cameco’s McArthur River and Key Lake operations account for 20% of the world’ s uranium production. Additionally, Cameco is the world’s only commercial supplier of Natural Uranium Dioxide (UO2) used to fuel Canadian designed CANDU reactors. The UO2 plant located in Port Hope, Ontario provides the fuel for approximately 50% of all power generated in Ontario, and approximately 15% of all power generated in Canada.
The presentation will run through how Natural Uranium Dioxide (UO2) is produced in Port Hope, Ontario from refined Uranium Trioxide (UO3) to UO2 powder. This presentation will include description of: Dissolution, dilution, precipitation, centrifuging, drying, reduction, and packaging.

Vanni Iemma, P.Eng
UO2 Production Engineer at Cameco

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