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OSPE Policy Seminar Series: April 2014

Productive Use of Nuclear Spent Fuel

Date: April 16, 2014 at 6:30PM
Cost: FREE and Refreshments provided.
Location: Town of Ajax Library, Main Branch,
55 Harwood Avenue South (Next to Town Hall)
Presentation Slide. (Click to download).
Paul Acchione, P.Eng., President & Chair of OSPE.

The Seminar will discuss on how we can burn our used fuel waste in a fast neutron reactor to make energy. The presentation is one hour long followed by a Q&A period and will provide information from OSPE’s energy advocacy studies, including:

        The CANDU and PWR (open) fuel cycles in Canada and USA

        Spent fuel properties of current CANDU and PWR reactors

        Usable components of used fuel and how they can be extracted

        The difference between thermal and fast neutron reactors

        Difference between thorium and uranium fast neutron reactors

        Reducing life time and radio-toxicity of used fuel

        Advantages of reprocessing used fuel to generate energy

If you are having trouble registering online using the form below, please contact our Vice Chair at Raihan Khondker, P.Eng.  to register.

OSPE Speaker Series April 2014