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PEO Lake Ontario Chapter Speaker Series with Dmitry Maznichenko presenting Nanotechnology

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013, 18:00 (Sharp)

What is nanotechnology and what’s in it for us?

Results from nanotech investigations relentlessly predict that “nano” possesses a minimum of as much potential as plastic materials  had over half a century ago. Applications range from self-cleaning windows to targeted cancer therapy as well as from space elevators to autonomous nano-robot (nanobot) colonies. Tireless efforts of the government, industry and academia are spent towards making such nanotechnological advancements functional and accessible. However, there are currently no long-term health and environmental affect studies. Neither is there an international consensus on how to even classify a nanomaterial. This seminar will help to improve the awareness of “nano” as well as to hopefully better engage public opinion in future nanotech developments and policy.


Mr. Dmitry Maznichenko is the owner of Open ND (TM), which currently manufactures nano-enhanced materials for an increasing variety of applications. He has received funding from several programs and collaborates across the industry, government and academia sectors. Dmitry’s formal education is in mechanical engineering. His graduate research was in the multi-disciplinary field  of nanotechnology which included molecular chemistry and laser physics (Ryerson University). Dmitry is also passionate about teaching and  fostering sustainable communities.

Lakeview Room (Off the Thirsty Penguin)
Canlan ICE Sports Centre
1401 Phillip Murray Avenue, Oshawa ON L1J8C4
Tel: 905-725-6951

2013 Speaker Series with Dmitry Maznichenko

1401 Phillip Murray Ave