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I'm an electronic engineer and my profession and hobby is microprocessors programming.
Since the beginning of 2010 I'm the owner of Pentax k-x. Sometimes ago I watched video about tethering shooting, I like it and I wanted to try this with my camera. I found two programs for tethered shooting with Pentax (PKRemote and Pentax Remote Assistant), but both support only older Pentax DSLR's. So I decided to develop some software myself and final result is PK_Tether.

New home site for PK_Tether is: http://www.pktether.com

For version 0.1PK_Tether I received many comments and information from Pentax user from around the World. This information help me add support for other models Pentax cameras not only k-x. I'm very grateful for their help.

I also was ask for donation possibilities, so I added below PayPal donation button.