Scholarship Search

Getting Started!
Before you start filling out your scholarships applications --- Read the Instructions!!!!!
This is the first mistake that students make - they don't "read the instructions". Don't let this happen to you!
Download and read the 'Tips for Scholarship Applications and Essays' (found below in files) before you begin filling out your scholarship applications and writing a scholarship essay.
    • Do you qualify for the scholarship? Do you meet the criteria?
    • What is the deadline and what do you need to submit? i.e. essay, letters of recommendations, transcripts, etc.
    • Are there any limits on the essay? i.e. words, font, spacing, pages, etc.

Shopping Advice for College Aid...according to College Factual
Comparing financial aid offers from various colleges is often a challenge. Offers come in all different formats, but all should contain the same information.
    • Cost of Attendance
    • Grants and Scholarships
    • Loans
    • the Amount Remaining
However, many families don't realize that financial aid offers may be appealed and request more money. 
    1. Find out what the school's financial appeal process is. Use appropriate language to start an appeal letter to a college- avoid confrontational language. "Your'e sending this letter to request reconsideration of the aid that was offered to your child."
    2. Contact the school and request an appointment with a financial aid officer.
    3. Ask for a reassessment of the FAFSA - Explain money issues outside of FAFSA. Financial aid officers have some latitude to account for special circumstances.
    4. Make colleges complete - Some schools have a policy to match other schools financial aid offers.
    5. Don't be afraid to ask.
    6. Get forms in on time! Know your deadlines!

Beware Scholarship Scams
Scam Warning Signs
    • You have to pay a fee
    • Money-back offers or guarantees
    • Credit card or bank account information required
    • Provides "exclusive" information
Scams: "Phishing" & "Pharming"
NEVER give out Social Security, credit card or bank account numbers to unsolicited emails or calls.
BE CAREFUL about giving out your contact information or email address.
    • "Phishing": Unsolicited emails that bear the logo of your bank or credit card; Appear legitimate but are traps to lure you into giving out your personal or account information.
    • "Pharming": Unsolicited emails that encourage you to visit a website or click on suspicious links; Make sure your inbox spam filters are up to date.

Funding a College Education
Scholar Snapp is a program, a Michael & Susan Dell Foundation service, that enables students to apply for a scholarship online and then automatically re-use that information for other scholarship applications without retyping their data again and again. It is not connected to college-specific scholarships. The information students receive from Scholar Snapp is regarding non-affiliated scholarship awards.

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