Remediation & Enrichment Information

Pensacola Catholic High School Remediation & Enrichment Policies

CHS students seeking remediation and enrichment options should note the following:
  • Students must meet program guidelines to register for Community Schools programs, which include: Enrollees must be 16 years old (15 for Drivers Ed.), provide proof of residency, have parental permission and signature, and present a completed CHS Co-Enrollment Form in order to attend PSC Adult High or PSC Dual Enrollment classes. Students may obtain this Co-Enrollment Form from Guidance. Please contact the Community School site administrators for additional requirements and registration details. 
  • Catholic High policy allows students earning a D or F in a class to remediate that course during their summer break. The summer school grade will be included and averaged into the student's cumulative GPA. 
  • Students may NOT take a class required for graduation for enrichment as a first attempt, or in an attempt speed progression in a required course sequence,such as math or language. Students may take a first attempt class as a supplement to their transcript. However, please note that grades earned in enrichment courses will NOT be factored into their CHS GPA and does not count toward graduation requirements.


*A SPECIAL CAUTION to students who receive a McKay Scholarship OR Step-up-For- Students Scholarship to attend CHS.  Attending summer school at a community school or online course may invalidate the McKay and Step-Up-For-Students Scholarship. If a McKay or Step-Up-For-Students Scholarship recipient is required to remediate a CHS failure, they may need to explore alternatives such as private online education. Please contact the McKay or Step-Up-For-Students Scholarship program with any questions.

Commonly asked questions include:

  • Can I enter my child in summer school provided by the local public school district to keep up his/her skills?
    • No. Enrollment in an academic public school summer class is considered a return to public school and would make your child ineligible for the McKay Scholarship.
  • My child is ready for driving lessons. Can he/she take a drivers' ed course at the local high school if we pay the fee ourselves?
    • We recommend parents interested in drivers' ed or other non-academic courses conducted at a public school make sure that the program is NOT funded through the Florida Educational Financial Program (FEFP) and that the student will not be entered by the school district as returning to public school. You may even want to ask for this confirmation in writing as a precaution.

*An option for remediation and enrichment is online sources, which may be available year round. Some of these are private and, therefore, require a fee per course. The Florida Virtual School is literally an online Florida public school and its courses are free to Florida residents. If you are interested in pursuing any of these online alternative sources, it is recommended that you contact the CHS Guidance Office before enrolling to ensure that you have selected an acceptable course and completed the required paperwork to provide for the transfer or credits to Catholic High upon completion.

 Brigham Young University (800) 914-8931
 Catholic Schools of Excellence (954) 607-7772
 Keystone National High School (800) 255-4937
 The Florida Virtual School (407) 317-3326
 Educere (800) 914-8931

Religion Summer School:
June 4 - 8, 2018
Report to Pensacola Catholic High School
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
For remediation of EITHER semester 1 or 2
$100 fee ($175 for two semesters) payable to Catholic High School

Pensacola State Collegiate High School (PSC Adult High):
Student must register at PSC Building 11 Room 1113 
(850) 484-1600
Students must be  16 years of age and in good standing with their current school.

PSC Office registration hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Forms must be retrieved from your CHS Guidance Department