PennYork Opportunities for the Handicapped, Inc. 

“Creating opportunity for lifelong learning and achievement for people with disabilities” 

Our Mission

Our mission at PennYork Opportunities is to provide services and education that create opportunities for greater community integration, personal achievement, lifelong learning and employment for people with disabilities.    

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable all individuals to be actively participating and fully acceptable members of our community.


Penn-York Opportunities is a not for profit 501(c) (3) organization established in 1968 to assist people with disabilities to find employment and maintain their optimal quality of life.  In 1977 Penn-York moved to its current location at 101 South Main Street , Athens , Pennsylvania.

Population/Geographic Area Served

Penn-York Opportunities serves people with all types and ranges of disabilities, including but not limited to: developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, blindness, social and emotional disabilities, and mental health disabilities.

Penn York Opportunities serves people from Bradford County , Pennsylvania and the State of New York . Our organization provides a wide range of services including home and community habilitation, vocational evaluation and training, job placement services, school-to-work transition services, pre-vocational services, service coordination, day habilitation, transportation services and respite/residential habilitation