The School-wide Positive Behavior Support System is a proactive approach to dicipline based on the idea that students can benefit from well-implemented, evidence-based practices for promoting appropriate student behavior thus establishing an environment conducive for learning. By providing a positive focus and universal expectations for encouraging desirable student behaviors, SWPBS can help maximize the time students are engaged in relevant learning activities.

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What are the 3 Rs?                              

- Give my best effort
- Be on time
- Have all materials at my desk and my space organized
- Be attentive
- Stay with my class
 - Follow rules and procedures
- Be a good role model
- Be honest
- Be safe
-Complete my work on time and do my best
- Be an active participant
- Ask for help when needed
 - Listen to adults
- Listen politely while others are speaking
- Use appropriate voice and volume
- Keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself
- Play fair/exhibit good sportsmanship
- Treat others the way you want to be treated