What is the role of a middle school counselor?

A middle school counselor collaborates with students, parents, teachers, administrators, nurses, outside agencies, and mental health professionals to assist student learning. School counselors work with students on overcoming barriers to learning.

School counselors assist students with the transition to middle school and then the transition to high school. School counselors work with 8th grade students on selecting their courses for high school.

School counselors coordinate meetings between families and teachers to enhance student learning and communication.

Here at William Penn, school counselors help with the student/family transition from 5th to 6th grade and from 8th to 9th grade.

At the end of 5th grade, students have the opportunity to attend a mixer, with fellow students they will be attending William Penn with for the following school year. William Penn also has a Peer Mentor Program to assist upcoming 6th graders in learning the day-to-day activities of becoming a middle school student.

In 8th grade, we take the students to the high school to speak with current 9th graders and tour of Pennsbury High School. In addition, students who are interested in attending Bucks County Technical High School are afforded the opportunity to tour BCTHS.

School counselors work with students on social, emotional, and academic needs.

Students can make an appointment with their school counselor at any time to discuss their concerns.