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 Mrs. JoAnn Apple    Band222342Website
 Mrs. Christy BellTeaching Assistant  602201  
 Mrs. Marisa Bell
Reading Specialist222433 
 Mrs. Stephanie Bentz
Grade 1222434Website
 Mr. James BergeyEvening Custodian603000 
 Mrs. Jessica BergeyAutistic Support602303 
 Mrs. Lori Bergey
Teaching Assistant 602202 
 Mrs. Sharon Bligh-FarrellTeaching Assistant602126 
 Ms. Ashley B'OrisGrade 1222435Website 
 Mrs. Jeannie BreitingerClerk601003 
 Mrs. Kathleen BrunArt222436
 Mrs. Melinda CardacinSpeech602502Website
 Mrs. Karen Carmer
 Mrs. Melissa CartwrightHealth/P.E.222437Website
 Mrs. Donna CasselTeaching Assistant 602202 
 Mrs. Maria DeSantisLearning Support222438Website
 Mr. Todd Ernst
Evening Custodian603000 
 Mrs. Connie FarrellTeaching Assistant 602306 
 Mrs. Michelle FluckSecretary601002 
 Mrs. Brittany Fontaine 
Grade 2222439Website
 Mr. Brandon FretzEvening Custodian603000 
 Mrs. Kimberly Giuliana
Reading Specialist222440Website
 Ms. Marissa Guarriello Strings (Grade 3) 222512 
 Mrs. Jane Highsmith Grade 2 222441 
 Mrs. Laura Hochuli
Grade 5222442Website
 Miss Amy Jankowitsch Title I Math Teaching Assistant Site for STEM Club
 Mrs. Katherine Kane
Teaching Assistant 602201 
 Mrs. Kimberly Knipe
Vocal Music222145 
 Mrs. Jane KrotGifted Support222484
 Mrs. Haley Lease Autistic Support 602203 
 Mrs. Wendy Leatherman
Grade 4222444Website
 Mrs. Nancy LeszczynskiTeaching Assistant 602202 
 Mrs. Kelly LiborKindergarten222445Website
 Mrs. Teresa LinckGrade 4222446Website
 Mrs. Jessica Liss Playground Aide 601000 
 Mrs. Emily LondonGrade 4222447Website
 Mr. Tom Long
 Mrs. Kelly MalleryLearning Support222448Website
 Mrs. Lori MarkloffCafeteria Manager606000Website
 Mrs. Caryn MattaGrade 3222449
 Mrs. Melinda McCormickGrade 5222450Website
 Mr. Ken Miller Facility Manager 603000 
 Mrs. Andrea MooreLibrary Clerk/Playground Aide602500 
 Mrs. Mary Beth PenjukeVocal Music222451
 Mrs. Elizabeth PortuguezGifted Support222385
 Mrs. Carolyn RutterGrade 3222452Website
 Mrs. Judith SchusterSchool Counselor601006Website
 Mrs. Katherine ShellyLife Skills222454
 Mrs. Suzanne Showalter
Life Skills222455
 Ms. Jill Snyder     Teaching Assistant 602201 
 Mrs. June Strauch Nurse601004Website
 Mrs. Maria Sweet Librarian602500Website
 Mrs. Lynda Tennett Nurse (CSN)601004Website
 Mrs. Sheena TenneyArt222482
 Mrs. Elizabeth TomaselliGrade 5222463 Website
 Mrs. Danielle Warner IST LTS 601010 
 Dr. Michelle Wiley            Principal601001 
 Mrs. Jean Young Strings (Grades 4 & 5)222029Website
 Mrs. Jill Zanine Grade 2222457