This page contains recommended sites for students as they practice and learn independently. The most successful students practice their basic skills and read independently to get ahead.

General Resources

Pennridge Elementary eLibrary Resources - A repository of resources for elementary students, including online databases and subject-specific links.

Google Apps - Suite of online collaborative applications available to our students.

Brain Pop - Educational videos across a wide variety of subjects.

Student BrightBytes Survey

West Rockhill Students,
We value your opinion and want your help to improve technology in our school. Please complete this survey to help us out.

Reading and Language Arts Resources

Pearson Success Net - Online content associated with our Reading Street program, including textbook, leveled readers, videos, grammar resources, and online assessments.

Spelling City - Site containing spelling lists and the activities needed to practice spelling words.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary - An online dictionary resource used to look up word meanings, spellings, and pronunciations.

SEL Survey

West Rockhill Students,

We want to hear from you. Thank you for taking your time to answer the survey.  Follow the link for your grade below.

Math Resources

ConnectEd - Online content associated with Everyday Math 4 program, including home links, games, and other activities.

First in Math - Games to practice math fact fluency.

Study Island - Math and Reading resources for practicing PSSA-style questions, includes content in all categories covered on PSSA assessments.

DreamBox - Website for math practice with adaptive technology to help you learn faster.

Splash Math - Online math program used to practice skills and strategies, and build confidence.

System 44 - Math interventions.