Attendance Procedures

Regular school attendance is a key element for student academic success.We understand student absences may occur at any time during the school year for a variety of reasons. State and Federal attendance regulations require proper documentation of all student absences. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to call our school (215-257-2780) early in the morning to report any absences.

An automated call will be sent to families that have not reported their student's absence to alert them that their child is not in school.  If a call was not made by the parent or guardian, a hand-written excuse or an absence form signed by the parent/guardian must accompany your child upon his/her return to school. Upon the student's return to school from an absence, a parent/guardian must provide an excuse blank or handwritten note complete with the date of the absence, the reason for the absence, and a parent/guardian signature supporting

the absence. The excuse blank/note is to be given to your student's homeroom teacher who will then forward it to the Attendance Clerk in the Main Office. An excuse blank/note must be presented within three (3) days of the student's return to school. If an excuse blank/note is not returned, the absence may be considered unlawful and subject to magisterial fine. However, if you call the office (215-257-2780) and report your child's absence, that call will be entered in our school log and will serve as an absence excuse for your child; no further documentation will be needed. 

The Pennridge School District enforces the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's school attendance law. The law states: "A maximum of ten days of cumulative lawful absences verified by parental notification may be permitted during the school year. All absences beyond ten cumulative days require an excuse from a physician."  

Absences include illness, quarantine, required court appearance, death in the family, educational tours and trips, and family vacations. The law clearly states that no student may be absent from school more than ten cumulative days without a written doctor's excuse, including pre-arranged/approved educational trips or family vacations. Cumulative absences include: illness covered by parental contact (written excuse, fax, email, verbal communication via telephone call), family vacation while school is in session (pre-approval needed), truancy, and other absences not classified as non-cumulative.  Non-cumulative absences include: extended illness verified by a doctor's note, death in the family, religious holiday as designated by the Department of Education, and out-of-school suspension.  As you plan family vacations for the upcoming school year, please understand if the time away from school for vacation combined with any other absences exceeds ten days, written doctor's

excuses will be required or the absences will be considered unlawful.

Please do not schedule any family vacations or educational field trips during the time that our school administers the state tests called PSSA or PASA exams as these requests will be denied.

Homework may be requested for students as they recover during an absence. If you are requesting homework, please place your request with the building Secretary or Attendance Clerk by 10am.

Timely arrival to school is another key element for a student's academic success. If your student arrives to school after 8:50 a.m., a parent/guardian must accompany the student to the Main Office and complete a tardy slip.

Occasionally, student appointments are scheduled during the school day. If this need arises, please send a note to your student's homeroom teacher stating the rationale for the appointment and the time for pickup. The Office will call the classroom for your student to report to the Office upon parent/ guardian arrival. Parents/Guardians must report to the Office to sign their student "out" of school for all appointments.