The Pennridge Central Middle School Student Assistance Program (SAP) Team is committed to identifying students who are having problems that affect their learning. Each child is a product of his or her home, school, community events. 

      For SAP to be effective, a home-school partnership is essential. All significant adults in a child's life must exhibit teamwork to provide critical support and guidance during the challenging transition of adolescence.  The desired outcome of SAP is for the student and family to receive the support needed to foster both academic success and personal well being. This support is accessible through our support agencies.

     The SAP Team hopes students and parents will join us with referrals, cooperation, and support so that Penn Central Middle School can help ever student achieve his or her potential.

       Referral Concerns include absenteeism, depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, suicide, and self destructive behavior.

       The SAP process involves collecting information related to the student's academic performance, attendance, and behavior (both in and out of school). Findings and recommendations are shared with the student and parents in a focused conference. When appropriate, the family is connected with the appropriate community based services.

                                                   Central SAP Team Members

                    Mrs. Mary Lou Ashworth                     Librarian
                    Dr. Christina Cortellessa                      Principal
                    Mrs. Stacey DeMichele                         School Counselor
                    Ms. Lois Dodson                                    Consultant, Penn Foundation
                    Mr. Glenn Donaldson                           Assistant Principal
                    Mrs. Alicia Landgraf                             Social Worker
                    Mrs. Deana McCann                             Instructional Support Teacher
                    Mrs. Ann Mecleary                                Nurse
                    Mrs. Laurie Taylor                                Counsultant, Council of Southeast Pennsylvania
                    Mr. Eric Toomey                                    School Counselor



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