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PTU Meeting Minutes

Sellersville Elementary PTU Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: December 8, 2014

Meeting Location: Sellersville Elementary Library

In Attendance: Principal Baker, Teacher - Mrs. Hoffman, Tanja Vaneman, Maureen
Vassallo, Jessica Walters, Natalie Ruggiero, Jamie Ashby, Lorraine Steinman, and
approximately 6 parents.

Meeting Called to Order - Maureen Vassallo called the general meeting to order at
7:00 p.m.

Approval of Minutes - The Meeting Minutes from November 10, 2014 were reviewed
and approved.

Treasurer Report - Profit & Loss reports from November 2014 were reviewed.

Principal’s Report - Mrs. Baker
- None.

Faculty Advisor Report - Mrs. Hill.
- None.

President’s Report

Old Business
- Report given regarding status of Mr. Phy post surgery.
- Proposal pending for new camera. Protocol for camera use to be created.
- Home Work Club committee officially started. Nicole Wimmer to chair the
- information shared where 5% of purchases will go to
Sellersville Elementary by accessing the zip code (18960) or Sellersville PTU.
- Discussion of committees in need of shadows/new chairs for the 2014 - 2015
school year. Current shadow needs exist for WinterFest, Fall Festival,
- School Spirit items by Missy Moo designs to be offered via flyer and possibly
during the Gift Shop for Kids event for parents to order/purchase.
- Purchase of bulk tee shirts will be further discussed at the January PTU

New Business
- Hospitality will host a dinner for the teachers on 11/20/14 during evening
conference hours. Volunteers can sign up via Sign Up Genius.
- Tabora Farms event, Skate event to be discussed further at the January PTU

Committee Reports

- Kid Stuff Books/Scrips Sales - Scrip sales to begin 11/20 - 12/3 for gift cards to
be distributed before the holiday break.
- School Store - none.
- Directory - currently being distributed.
- Campbell soup labels - none.
- Boxtop$ - Sellersville earned about $1300 from box top$ collections.
- Family Fun
- Fall Festival - event went well and enjoyed by all who attended.
- Winter Fest - Scheduled for 1/23/15. Information to come home soon.
- Skate Event - To be discussed at the January PTU meeting. Possible
date of event 5/1/15.
- Donuts with Dad - event went well and was enjoyed by all who attended.
Giant supermarket refunded Sellersville for the donut cost.
- Assemblies - Wizard’s Game deposit placed. Teachers are signing up to
volunteer at the game.
- Library -
- Book Fair - volunteers to sign up via Sign up Genius for the Book Fair.
Scholastic flyer to be sent home 11/10/14. The online Book Fair to begin
11/13/14. Books purchased at the online fair will be sent to school to be
distributed approximately 10 days after the school Book Fair ends. A
laptop will be available in the school library for Book Fair items that do
not appear at the school Fair.
- Guest Author event with Nicky Maloney scheduled possibly for May
- Gift Shop for Kids - permission slips to be sent home on 11/10/14 to the fifth
grade students who wish to volunteer at the Gift Shop scheduled to be held
12/5/14. There will be a need for parent and teacher volunteers.
- Race for Education - none.
- Yearbook - Early Bird order forms coming out week of 11/17/14 and offer a $2.00
discount. A four-page insert will also be offered as an affordable option for
students/parents. The committee will incorporate student volunteers. Parent
volunteers will be needed for the committee.
- Hospitality - Will need coordinator for WinterFest baskets.

Open Forum, New items, Questions/Comments None.

Calendar of Events - See listed.

Adjournment - The PTU meeting was called to close by Maureen Vassallo and
adjourned at approximately 7:50 p.m.

Meeting Minutes to be approved at the December 8, 2014 meeting.