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PTU Meeting Agenda

Sellersville Elementary School

PTUGeneral Meeting Agenda

December 8, 2014

I. Call to Order/Welcome.

II. Approval of November 10, 2014 Minutes.

III. Treasurer’s Report.

IV. Principal’s Report.

V. Faculty Advisor Report.

VI. President’s Report.

a. Old Business.
- Camera purchase for school and protocol for use.
- Home Work Club Committee - projects.
- Needs pertaining to committee replacements/shadows.
- Sales of Missy Moo design items.

b. New Business. - None.

c. Committee Report
- Hospitality - update from teacher dinner from 11/20/14.
- Kid Stuff Book/Scrips sales - update from sales 11/20 - 12/3.
- Gift Shop for Kids update from 12/5/14.
- Library - Book Fair update from 11/19 - 11/25.
 - Guest Author update.
- Box Top$ update.
- Family Fun.
• Winterfest (1/23/15) update and volunteer needs.
- Assemblies.
• Wizard’s Game (3/22/15) update and volunteer needs.
• Bingo (3/27/15) update and volunteer needs.
- Yearbook update.
- Race for Education update.
- School Store update.
- Campbell Soup Labels.

 d. Open Forum (New items/Questions/Comments).

VII. Calendar of Events (see attached).

VIII. Adjournment.

2014-2015 PTU

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Co-Vice Presidents
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Jessica Walters

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