Sellersville Elementary School

Parents & Teachers United (PTU)

The PTU welcomes you to another exciting and fun-filled year at Sellersville Elementary School. Our PTU is very active in enriching our students’ educational experience.  Every parent and faculty member is automatically a member of the PTU. This means you have a voice and a vote in the programs and activities sponsored by the PTU.

Parent involvement has a significant effect on their children’s education. When schools, families, and communities work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and enjoy school more. When parents get involved, grades go up, test scores rise, and behavior improves. Whether you have 30 minutes or a couple of hours, daytime or evening, your time, your ideas, and your talents are needed. Whatever your level of flexibility and talents, the Sellersville PTU always appreciates its parent volunteers, as do our teachers and staff. We need you to make this a successful year!

2019-2020 PTU Officers


Michelle Kratz

Cell: 215-317-3290



Kristine Kovaleski

Phone: 215-257-1311



Vice President

Stacy Shick

Cell: 215-933-9116




Megan Ferrara

Cell: 570-204-7484



Angie Wustner

Cell: 215-290-2199


Brittney Richards

Cell: 267-429-5216


Monthly Meeting Schedule

You can make a difference by attending and being an active participant in your child’s school! Every parent, guardian, and faculty member is invited to attend the monthly PTU meetings, an open forum for communication between parents/guardians and faculty to share ideas and thoughts.

PTU Meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each month in the school library, 7:00-8:00 pm. Free childcare is provided by the Pennridge High School Key Club to children who are potty-trained.

What does the PTU do?

All of our programs and activities are made possible with you! Our PTU is very active in enriching our students’ educational experience:
  • Assists with field trip expenses for each student.
  • Supports school-wide SHARK behavior incentive program.
  • Provides a coordinated volunteer program to assist students with their daily lunch.
  • Donates money to classroom teachers to enhance students’ learning experience.
  • Helps with planning, scheduling, and sponsoring educational assembly programs for our students.
  • Supports the library and library events such as Reading Olympics, Visiting Author, and the Book Fair.
  • Sponsors school store for the children.
  • Plans family activities such as Bingo, Skating, Fall Fest, and other family fun nights.
  • Operates annual Holiday Gift Shop 4 Kids for the children to shop for their friends and family.
  • Coordinates teacher appreciation events throughout the year.
  • Designs and coordinates annual school yearbook and school directory.
  • Coordinates Race for Education, which is the main source of funding for programs and activities.



Committee chairs will send out notices asking for volunteers to help with the events as the events come closer. If you are interested in helping with a committee or have any questions regarding your PTU organization, please contact one of our Co-Vice-Presidents: 


Box Tops-      Stacy Shick      215-933-9116


Directory-      Jamie Ashby      215-257-1416


Family Fun Nights- Kelly Maloney 267-337-4747

Co-chair-                  Laura Moyer 215-257-6974


Family BINGO Night- Kristine Kovaleski 215-257-1311


Gift Shop For Kids- Nicole Wimmer 215-257-456


Help From Home- Kristine Kovaleski 215-257-1311


Hospitality- Melissa Bonner 215-920-2101

Co-chair-     Mori Catania 215-527-8744


In School Assemblies- Michelle Maraschiello 215-783-4534


Kid Stuff Books- Demeri Mullin 609-680-9892


Library Committee- Kristine Kovaleski 215-257-1311

Co-chair-                   Jill Feder 908-720-1774


Lunchroom volunteers- Michelle Kratz 215-317-3290


Playground Committee- Kristine Kovaleski 215-257-1311


Race For Education- Jenn Laincz 215-804-7529

Co-chair-                     Jill Feder 908-720-1774

Co-chair-                     Michelle Casey 215-453-3855


School Store- Demeri Mullin 609-680-9892

Co-Chair-        Kristi Beard 267-227-2173


Spirit Wear- Maureen Vassallo 215-4530248

Co-chair-      Mori Catania 215-527-8744


Yearbook- Jill Lonsdale 267-664-0903

                   Susan Hall 267-664-0308




Directory:  A telephone/address book for all students in Sellersville Elementary School.   

Chairperson(s):  Obtains all current telephone numbers and addresses of every student who wants to participate. 

Volunteers:  Helps to fold, assemble and distribute school directory. 


Family Fun Nights: Outside school events for Sellersville Elementary families   

Chairperson(s): Plans and coordinates events; distributes flyers; tabulates responses; collects money and oversees event nights. 

Volunteers:  Performs tasks as set by the chairperson(s). 

Family Bingo Night Families get together to play bingo and win prizes. 

Chairperson(s):  Sets date; bingo prizes; Raffles; organizes volunteers to help with bingo night (including set-up, bingo activities and clean-up). 

Volunteers: Help to call businesses; sell tickets; check bingo cards and sell refreshments. 


Gift Shop for Kids: An annual event held in December giving students the opportunity to purchase inexpensive holiday gifts for family & friends. 

Chairperson(s): Plans the event; coordinates with vendor; provides information to the children and schedules volunteers. 

VolunteersHelps set-up; assists children; collects money; wraps gifts and helps clean-up. 


Hospitality: Provides refreshments for many school events, and sends cheer to Sellersville families and staff experiencing special events or times of need.   

Chairperson(s): Coordinates volunteers to purchase, prepare or provide refreshments for school events including Welcome Back Staff Breakfast, Santa’s Secret Shop, etc.  Coordinates meals for Scholastic events and teacher luncheons.  Also sends cards, letters, gift, etc. on behalf of the PTU.   

In-School Assemblies: Plans educational assemblies throughout the year for our students. 

Chairperson(s): Selects and schedules assembly programs, along with the principal. 


Kidstuff Coupon Books: Organizes the sale of coupon books for discounts at local stores, restaurants and attractions.   This fundraiser takes place in September/October. 

Chairperson(s): Distributes books to volunteers for labeling and distribution.  Collects money and books that are not purchased. 

Volunteers:  Labels and Distributes books. 


Library Committee: Supports the librarian with library tasks and events such as  Book Fair & Reading Olympics. 

Chairperson(s): Will assist the librarian with carrying out designated tasks to support the library’s function and library sponsored events. 

Volunteers: Will assist Chair persons as needed. 

Lunchroom Volunteers: Assists students, cleans tables and helps promote order in the cafeteria. 

Chairperson(s): Coordinates volunteers to help in the cafeteria and distributes a monthly volunteer schedule.  

Volunteers: Provide assistance to students in the cafeteria on their scheduled day. 


Race for Education:  Main fundraiser of the school year.  The purpose is to continue to support the numerous programs/educational aids throughout the school year. 

Chairperson(s): Plans and organizes all aspects of RFE, Sellersville’s largest fundraiser. Distributes flyers, organizes prizes, tallies, logs and deposits donations.  Coordinates Race day for all grade levels.   

VolunteersAssists chairperson(s) in completing the above mentioned tasks


School Store:  Sells school supplies to students between 8:00 am-9:00 am.  The school store is held twice a month. 

Chairperson(s): Stocks store, sells items, coordinates volunteers, distributes flyers, and submits funds. 

Volunteers: Assists children with purchases and collects money.  

Spirit Wear:  Coordinates sales of school spirit wear.  

Chairperson(s): Coordinates spirit wear and Missy Moo Design sales.  Selects and orders spirit wear & Missy Moo Designs; distributes flyers; collects orders and delivers spirit wear & Missy Moos Designs. 

Yearbook:  A memorable book displaying a collage of pictures from the school year that can be purchased by students and staff. 

Chairperson(s): Takes notes, collects and prepares photos; coordinates deadlines with vendor; creates layouts; distributes flyers and manages orders. 

Volunteer: - Assists chairperson as needed, helps to log in orders, helps with labeling and sorting of yearbook for distribution 

Photographers needed for yearbook (6 would be ideal) 

*The Sellersville Elementary Yearbook committee is looking for volunteer photographers.  We’d like to recruit grade level photographers who will help capture the special moments of the school year.  With grade level photographers, each volunteer would focus on one or more grades and take the class photo in the fall and the spring, take candids of students/teachers in class and at recess, and pictures of the special events for that grade(s) throughout the year, edit photos and share with the committee at several points throughout the year.  The time commitment would likely be about 10-15 hours throughout the year, but with lots of flexibility and independence.  We expect one orientation meeting early in the school year, then 1 or 2 conference calls during the year.  Volunteer photographers need to have all required clearances on file, a 35 mm digital camera (or similar quality) and good photography and editing skills. 


Please note:   Boxtops will continue to be collected at Sellersville Elementary through Mrs. Coleman and the Student Council.  Please continue to send them in! 


                                                                        Want to get involved?

Contact Kristine Kovaleski at and she’ll be glad to get you connected.