GuidanceĀ Services

Developmental Guidance
A series of classroom lessons presented by the counselors to all students in grades K-5. These lessons help students develop in the areas of:
Interpersonal skills
Conflict resolution
Decision making
Study skills
Career exploration

Individual / Small Group Counseling
Counselors work with selected students in one-to-one or small group settings to address topics such as:
Listening skills
Following directions
Academic achievement
Anger and behavior Management
Conflict resolution
Divorce/changing families
Grief and loss

Counselors function in a collaborative role to provide information and/or support to parents, teachers, and administrators. Their goal is to build the most effective educational experience for students. Some ways counselors act as consultants are:
Sharing ideas for parenting strategies
Suggesting or providing resources on child development and family issues.
Providing information on current classroom management techniques
Sharing activities with teachers and parents to motivate students, improve their social skills, and build their self-esteem

Elementary counselors are also members of the school's support service teams. In this capacity, the counselor participates as a consultant on the following teams:
Instructional Support Team (IST)
A group of parents and teachers who meet to develop strategies that help individual students reach their learning potential.
Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MDE)
A team of professionals who convene to administer a comprehensive educational evaluation of a referred student.
Individual Educational Planning (IEP)
A team designed to build an individual program for a specific student to address that child's instructional needs.

Counselors help to link the school and its students to resources in the district, the community, and area agencies and organizations. Some of the ways elementary school counselors coordinate programs and services include:
Kindergarten orientations
Student evaluations
Gifted evaluations
Substance abuse prevention programs
School-wide activities
Transition to middle school
Parent education programs
Community services

Students - To talk to your counselor, you may:
Ask your teacher to make an appointment for you
Write a note to your counselor asking to speak to him/her
Ask your parents to call your counselor