Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL REGISTRATION TOPICS (for Kind. please scroll down)

What do I need to bring with me to the registration meeting?
    Please bring your original documentation of birth, immunization records, three acceptable forms of proof of residency and parent/guardian photo ID. Click for more details.
What if I can not locate a copy of my property deed? Is there another document that I can provide or how can I obtain one?
    If you are unable to locate a copy of your property deed you will need to contact the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds Office at the Bucks County Court House in Doylestown to obtain one.  No other documentation will be accepted as your first form of proof. DO NOT contact your mortgage company for this document, it must be obtained through the Recorder of Deeds Office OR online through
What is/are acceptable for proof of residency?  How many are required?
Three forms of proof of residency are required; we will first need a copy of your property deed or your current lease/rental agreement  AND 2 additional forms. View additional acceptable documentation

If I do not have all the required information at the time of my registration meeting, to where and whom do I return that information to?
    Missing documentation can be brought into the District Office Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

If I already have a student in the Pennridge School District, do I still need to provide all the registration and residency proofs?
    Yes, every original entry into the district must meet the same State guidelines.

What if I pay my electric and/or utility bills online?  How do I use these for proof(s) of residency?
    All household utilities are acceptable forms of proof of residency; even if you pay online you can still print an online receipt to bring with you at the time of registration.

What do I do if I am in the process of buying or building a house in the Pennridge School District?
    Any nonresident student who wishes to register and will become a resident student within the first two (2) months of school, can be registered under our tuition waiver policy.

Who requests the transcripts/records for my child(ren) if I am transferring them to the Pennridge School District?
    The district will request for records by the completion of the Request for Records form.

When is the first day of school?
    The first day of school for ALL students for the 2016-2017 school year is August 29, 2016.

Where does registration take place?
    All registration takes place by appointment only at the District Administration Office, located at 1200 N. Fifth Street in Perkasie.

Will my child receive busing?
   Transportation is provided for all children in grades 1-12 who live outside a certain radius of their assigned school. The guidelines are as follows:
  • Elementary -- one-mile radius and above
  • Middle School -- 1.25-mile radius and above
  • High School -- 1.5-mile radius and above
Children who live within these distances are considered walkers and are not eligible for bussing. 
There is no bus service for kindergarten students; parents are responsible for transportation.

Can I request which school I would like my child to attend?
   No, placement is based on the zoning.

Can I request which teacher I would like my child to have?
   No, teacher assignments will be determined by your building principal.

Should I bring my child/children with me to registration?
   Children entering grades K-8 do not need to be present for registration. Children entering grades 9-12 do need to be present for registration so they can meet with their guidance counselor to schedule classes.

Do my children need to have a physical or dental examination to register?
   No, the required examinations are not needed at the time of registration. Physical and dental examinations must be completed by September 30 of the current school year. State mandates require exams during the following grade levels:
  • Physical examinations are required at original entry (grade K or 1), grade 6, and grade 11.
  • Dental Examinations are required at original entry (grade K or 1), grade 3, and grade 7.

What are the district class size guidelines?  
  • Grade 1 -- maximum 27 students per class
  • Grades 2-3 -- maximum 28 students per class
  • Grades 4-5 -- maximum 30 students per class
Class sizes are based on enrollment two weeks before the first day of school.


If I register for kindergarten during the March “window,” will my child get into my attendance area school for kindergarten?
    Registering your child during the March window does not guarantee your child a spot in your home attendance area. All registrations that are considered complete during the March window will be included in any initial lotteries that will take place at the end of March. Click for more details

Does my child’s kindergarten registration have to be complete before the end of March to be considered for placement in my attendance area’s school for kindergarten?
    Yes, in order to be included in the initial lottery your child’s registration must be considered completed by March 31, 2016. Click for more details.

Can my child still register if the March window has passed?
Yes, if your transfer or move has happened after our Mass Kindergarten Registration in March  you can still register for entrance in the fall. However, your child’s building placement will be based on availability, which means your child may attend another building other than the attendance area your residence is zoned for.

Will my child receive bussing?
    No, there is no bus service for Kindergarten children. Parents are responsible to transport.

Can I request which school I would like my child to attend and when will I be notified of placement?
    No, placement is based first on zoning, then availability (click for lottery details). You will receive a letter from the district office indicating your child’s building after the lottery has been completed, usually by the end of April or the early part of May.

Can I request which teacher I would like my child to have?
    No, most buildings will only have one teacher staffed for kindergarten.

Can I make a request for an AM or PM placement and when will I be notified of the session placement?
    Yes, at the time of registration you will have the opportunity to complete a preference form; however we cannot guarantee that this is the session your child will receive. You will receive a formal letter with your child’s session placement in July.

Can I request a special placement with friend/neighbors/relatives for carpooling?
    Yes, car pooling is encouraged. This information should be noted on your AM/PM preference at the time of registration.
Is Kindergarten all day?
    No, kindergarten is half day only. You will be assigned to either an AM (morning) or PM (afternoon) session

Does the district provide daycare for the other half of the day?
    No, you will be responsible to make your own daycare arrangements.

What are the times for the kindergarten sessions?
Kindergarten session times are different in specific buildings:

 Bedminster/Deibler/Grasse/Seylar  9 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.  12:40 p.m. - 3:20 p.m.
 Guth/Sellersville  8:45 a.m. - 11:25 a.m.  12:20 p.m. - 3 p.m.
 West Rockhill  9 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.  12:35 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

What is the age requirement to enter Kindergarten?
    Your child must be 5 years of age on or before August 31 of the current school year.

Is there testing for a child that turns 5 years of age after August 31?
    No, your child must be 5 years of age or older by August 31 in order to be admitted.

Will my child be tested prior to entering into kindergarten?
    No, there is no academic testing required for kindergarten. However, your child will receive a vision and hearing screening by the school nurse at the start of the school year.

Should I bring my child with me to registration?
    No, you do not need to bring your child with you to registration; this is for paperwork processing only.

How long will registration take?
    The entire registration process should take between 20 and 30 minutes.

Does my child need to have a physical and dental exam to enter kindergarten?
    Yes, all children entering into kindergarten will need to have a physical and dental exam performed by either their own physician or the school’s. Click for details

When do my child’s exams need to be completed?
    After August 29, 2015 and before September 30, 2016. 

Do you know which schools will need to bump and why?
    Unfortunately, we will not be able to determine which schools, if any, need to bump students until after mass registration is completed in March.  The reason that we sometimes need to bump out the kindergarten students is to maintain space for the upper class sizes in buildings that are overcrowded.

If my child is bumped to another school will they continue to go to that school until grade 5?
    No, if your child is bumped it will be for the kindergarten year only; children will automatically return to their home attendance building for first grade the following year.

If my child is bumped is there a possibility that they could get moved back?
    Yes, we will keep a running list in order of how the students are bumped out and return students to their home building when and if space becomes available. However, once school has begun we will not move a child back if space becomes available. 

What is the average class size?
    Each elementary building will have at least two kindergarten sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each class will have a maximum of 25 students.

Does having other children in the district give me special placement privilege?
    If your incoming child's registration is complete during the mass registration window in March and you  have an older child that is attending the same building as the child you are registering the district does take that into consideration before conducting the lottery, if space allows.
Will my set of twins be placed in separate sessions?
    Building sessions are determined by each building Principal in July.  If you have any concerns regarding your child's placement you will be given a phone number in your session placement letter to contact the Principal directly to assist you.