Teachers and Staff  - ***** NEW EXTENSIONS AS OF 10/18/2017*****

2017 - 2018 NMS Staff Contact Information
Voice Mail: 215-453-2765 - NOTE NEW NUMBER***
Staff NameExtLocationExt.
Bacher, Brian851102Sattele, Kelly851008
Bissey, Debi222297Shorb, Nathan222478
Borodovsky, Amanda222298Stanell, Beth222328
Caprioli, Lauren222299Sterling, Karen852700
Clark, Juli222300Stokes, Marquise222329
Cole, Matthew            851008Sulat, Joyce851003
Conolly, James222301Tam, David222330
DellaMonica, Nicole222302Taylor, Ronald851003
Digilio, Dave222303Taylor, Celise 222067
Draper, Lauren222305Toner, Denise222331
Foster, Justine222306Toomey, Eric991006
Frable, Heather222307Trauger, Colleen 222332
Frey, Faye222077Unrath, Tricia222285
Fuller, Donna222308Verespy, Stacey222333
Gable, Susan222109Vinci, Jamie222334
Garrison, Mike222204Vollberg, Paul222335
Gillespie, Tracy222309Watto, Phyllis222335
Griffin, Malinda222310Whalen, Anita222337
Groller, Jon222311Witoslawski, Veronica222338
Haines, Lindsey222312Wuerstle, Dana222339
Hegwood, Amy222313Wunder, Glen222340
Hickey, Kevin222314Zimmerman, Lauralee222341
Kalams, Suzanne222047
King, Diane222315Office: Mrs. Sattele 851008
Kluck, Cindy222316Office: Mrs. Sulat851003
Koch, Brent222475
Kreft, Pamela222011
Labs, Lisa851005Attendance Office851104
Loughery, Kathleen222317
Marchese, Nicole851006Guidance Office Secretary851005
Moyer, Janet851010
Murphy, Robin222320Nurse's Office851010
Neuman, Chris222321
Noble, Theressa222322

Novak, Raymond 222323
Overby, Mary851010
Rankin, Deanne 222324
Reil, Laura222325
Ritchie, Pierrette 222326
Roberts, Kimberly222327

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