Teachers and Staff

NMS Voice Mail Extensions
Voice Mail Phone: 215-453-2350
Bacher, Brian1102Martellucci, Jennifer1007Office: Kelly Sattele1000
Bissey, Debi2217McCormick, Katie3115Office: Joyce Sulat1003
Borodousky, Amanda3209Moyer, Janet1010
Cappolino, Marie5123Murphy, Robin2118Attendance Office1104
Clark, Juli2218Neuman, Chris2206Cafeteria Office6000
Conolly, James2215Noble, Theressa2204Custodial Office3000
DellaMonica, Nicole2124Novak, Raymond 2104Guidance Office1005
Digilio, Dave2116O'Neill, Brandi3111Library 2700
Dillingham, Lee3101Rankin, Deanne (Dee)2207Nurse's Office1010
Draper, Lauren4101Reil, Laura2202School Psychologist1102
Frey, Faye4120Ritchie, Pierrette (Petie)2200
Finley, Patti2216Roberts, Kimberly2119Main Office: 215-453-6932
Foster, Justine2211Sine, Melissa2125
Frable, Heather2208Smith, Steve2106
Fuller, Donna2120Stanell, Beth2103
Gable, Susan5121Sterling, Karen2700
Garland, Pat2110Stokes, Marquise2209
Gasper, Crystal2115Tam, David2212
Gieringer, Dave3000Taylor, Celise 3119
Gillespie, Tracy2113Toner, Denise2201
Griffin, Malinda2108Trauger, Colleen2123
Groller, Jon2213Valimont, Peter3109
Haines, Lindsey2210Vinci, Jamie2205
Hedrick, Kate5122Vollberg, Paul2102
Hickey, Kevin2109Watto, Phyllis2214
King, Diane2100Whalen, Anita2122
Kluck, Cindy4111Wilson, Mary Ann1010
Kreft, Pamela5120Witoslawski, Veronica2112
Kuhns, Michael2101Wuerstle, Dana2114
Labs, Lisa1005Wunder, Glen2117
Loughery, Kathleen3108Zimmerman, Lauralee2203
Marchese, Nicole1006

To email North Middle School Teachers and Staff, please sign in to Powerschool and click on the individual's name in the Grades and Attendance table. This will open a new window where you can compose and send an email to the teacher.