Wednesday, January 10 Day 3

posted Jan 10, 2018, 4:42 AM by Joyce Sulat   [ updated Jan 10, 2018, 4:42 AM ]

Our T.A.K.E.S. P.R.I.D.E. theme of the month is “Service.”  This week’s quote is from Oprah Winfrey. 

Oprah Winfrey said, “I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a

fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to

offer it to others in the form of service, working hard and also allowing the energy of the universe to

lead you.”


Oprah Winfrey found what she loved and used that forum to help others.  She was born in poverty and

today is a billionaire.  She uses both her work and her finances to serve others by making Americans

aware of problems and providing a means to help.



Period 11

               RM 102                8th Grade Baritones only

               RM 100                All 8th Grade Singers

                                                            North Stars will meet tomorrow morning (rescheduled from Tuesday)


3:00       Drama:  Scene work on 5&6, same group as Monday


Upper Bucks Technical School Applications are available in the Counseling Office.  Applications are due to Ms. Marchese by February 15th