K-12 Goals & Objectives


1.      All students will demonstrate scientific information literacy by:


1.1  Demonstrating an understanding of appropriate scientific vocabulary

1.2  Recognizing the need to support conclusions with scientific evidence

1.3  Identifying and critiquing multiple points of view on scientific issues

1.4   Posing meaningful research questions

1.5  Accessing and using library and information technology resources effectively in conducting

             scientific  research


2.      All students will demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills, and understanding of the process of scientific inquiry to solve practical problems and to create models of scientific phenomena by:


2.1  Posing testable questions

2.2  Developing hypotheses

      2.3  Designing a controlled experiment

2.4  Collecting, organizing, interpreting, and analyzing data

2.5  Creating and interpreting graphs, diagrams, and models

2.6  Identifying sources of error

2.7  Forming meaningful conclusions and suggesting appropriate next steps


3.      All students will demonstrate basic scientific process skills while conducting scientific inquiry by:


3.1  Observing

3.2  Classifying

3.3  Measuring

3.4  Communicating

3.5  Inferring

3.6  Predicting

4.      All students will demonstrate an understanding of scientific concepts and relationships in Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering, Technology & the Application of Science by:


4.1  Applying content specific knowledge and reasoning in explaining the natural world and in addressing local, global, societal and technological concerns and problems


4.2  Demonstrating an understanding of how the PSD K-12 Science Big Ideas connect the science domains and relate to other experiences in the formal education setting and in everyday life. The PSD K-12 Science Big Ideas are:


4.2.a  Energy

4.2.b  Equilibrium and evolution

4.2.c  Evidence, models, and explanations

4.2.d  Form and function

4.2.e  Systems, organization, and interactions