Student Assistance Program (SAP) Team

The Pennridge South Middle School Student Assistance Program (SAP) Team is committed to identifying students who are having problems that affect their learning. Each child is a product of his or her home, school, and community environments.

The SAP Team hopes individuals, concerned peers, parents, support staff members, faculty alike will join us with referrals, cooperation, and support so that Penn South Middle School can help every student achieve his or her potential. Referral concerns include absenteeism, depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse/use, physical abuse, sexual abuse, suicide, and self-destructive behavior. The SAP process:

Information related to the student’s academic performance, attendance, and behavior (both in and out of school) is obtained from the student, staff members, and parents.
Findings and recommendations are shared with the student and parents in a focused conference.
When appropriate, the family is connected with the appropriate community based support services.

Remember to TRUST your instincts, SEEK help and support, and WORK with school professionals. Please do not DELAY hoping the problem with disappear, DIAGNOSE but rather communicate your concerns to the SAP Team, or ACCEPT EXCUSES for inexcusable behavior.

SAP Team Members
  • Dr. McAllister – Principal
  • Mr. Renner – Assistant Principal
  • Mrs. Russo – Guidance Counselor
  • Mrs. Brittain -- Teacher
  • Mrs. Pollock – IST Teacher
  • Mrs. Plumley - Teacher
  • Mrs. Landgraf - Social Worker
  • Mrs. Dodson – Penn Foundation
  • Mrs. Mumbauer - Crisis Counselor

All information concerning students will remain confidential.

SAP Referral Form - Students may be referred to SAP by peers, parent(s)/guardians, school staff, or other concerned individuals.

Google Drive Version of SAP Referral Form 

SAP Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions - Click the link to download a .pdf version of the information from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Student Assistance Program on Frequently Asked Questions about SAP.
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