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FAQ's about Guidance Services

1. What is your role and how can you assist me and my child?
As a guidance counselor, I work individually and in group settings with students, providing them with the opportunity to discuss their concerns and assist them in making good decisions during this crucial phase of development.  I also consult with parents and serve as a member of each teaching team for all grade levels.  Generally speaking, I am a support resource for students and home/school liaison for parents and teachers.
2. Is it necessary for me or my child to make an appointment if we need to meet with you? 
I often meet with students, attend teaching team meetings, and work on various tasks during the school day, so it may be difficult to catch me on the fly.  If you wish to see me, calling me in advance insures that we will have sufficient time together to answer your questions and address your concerns.  I do allow students to drop by my office as needed, and will always arrange to meet with them at another time if I am involved in something else.
3. Who should I contact if I have questions about my child's academic program and other things related to our middle school experience?
You are welcome to call me anytime you need information or assistance.  If I cannot answer you question, I will direct you to the person or department that can help.  My contact information is on the home page of the guidance website.
4. Can you assist me with finding counseling resources for my family?
Yes.  Through our Student Assistance Program, families are connected with counseling resources from Penn Foundation and the Bucks County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.  All referrals are confidential.  I also have a directory of counseling agencies and professionals available for your review. 
5. I am concerned that what you discuss with me and my child will be shared with others.
Parents and students share very personal experiences and concerns with me all time.  Confidentiality is what builds trust in my relationship with students and their care givers.  I will not disclose anything that you or child shares with me unless given permission, or, as obligated by law, the safety of your child or someone else is in jeopardy.
6. What are some of the ways that you help my child plan for the future? 
I assist students in their selection of some of their middle school courses.  I also teach a career awareness unit to the eighth grade students, and address social awareness through a sixth grade unit called Respect for Self, Respect for Others.  When it comes time for our eighth grade students to select their classes for their Freshman year of high school, I work in conjunction with the high school guidance staff to assist parents and care givers with helping their children make the most appropriate and meaningful choices.
I am sure that there are topics and questions that I may not have included.  Please feel free to call me, leave a phone message, or send an e-mail if there is anything I can do to address your needs or concerns as you child learns and grows through his or her middle school experience.