Superintendent's Message

The challenge we face each year is to ensure that our students return to a better school district than the one they left in June. The success of that effort depends on a great many people, including our teachers, our administrators, and our Board of Education.

I’m confident that we are meeting that objective and that our students will be the beneficiaries of the efforts of each of those groups.

Academic Progress

The Reading Street program at the elementary level has proven to be successful. Our reading scores have increased and teachers are better equipped to specifically address the academic needs of children in their classroom. That program, as of this September, will be expanded to include kindergarten as well.

Our PSSA scores as well as SAT scores continue to improve. Our youngsters are being accepted not only to some of the best colleges in the country but to the military academies as well. Our graduation rate is well above 95 percent and our ability to offer a variety of advanced placement courses has enhanced opportunities for our graduates.

We implemented a dual enrollment program with Bucks County Community College, have established our own cyber school opportunities, and are working with our neighboring districts to improve the programs available in our vocational program.

We’ve approved a redistricting plan that will balance the enrollments at Deibler and Guth elementary schools and at North and South middle schools. Administrators and teachers at each of those buildings are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that these transitions are successful.

Technology Upgrade

Perhaps most significantly, the board has approved a commitment to upgrade our technology program for implementation this September. The plan includes a district wide wireless network, the replacement and/or repair of all existing problematic technology, and a one-to-one pilot for a middle school and a high school team whereby each student will have his or her own laptop computer. The curriculum will take advantage of that access and teachers will employ the technology to augment and strengthen the delivery of the program.

We’re one of the very few districts that are entering our second year without an increase in property taxes, have not increased class size, nor have we eliminated any program. Our upcoming discussions regarding capital projects, which now include the air-conditioning at Penn Central Middle School, will expand to Penn South Middle School and a commitment to address the needs of our athletic facilities.

We’re very proud of the progress that has occurred at Pennridge, the district we have become, as well a commitment to continue our improvement. Our success is dependent on the participation and commitment of teachers, administrators, and the board but also the cooperation and support we receive from our parents and our community.

 I’m very proud of Pennridge and appreciative of the opportunity to continue in my role as Superintendent. There are challenges before us but I’m confident that they can be met successfully and to the benefit of our student body.

Dr. Robert S. Kish,

The Superintendent holds monthly meetings with parents to share information about the school district. The meetings are held at 9a.m. in the Board Room of the
District Administration Office.

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