Summer Hours to Begin June 12

Pennridge School District employees will switch to summer hours starting June 12, continuing a practice that has saved taxpayers more than $120,000 since it began in 2009.

By shutting down building systems -- especially air conditioning -- at the close of business Thursday evening and not restarting them until Monday morning, the District has saved approximately $15,000 each year the policy has been in effect, according to Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline Rattigan.

"It's a win-win for everyone," said Rattigan. "Employees enjoy the benefit of a long weekend during the summer and the District realizes a significant reduction in utility costs."

Under an agreement with the Pennridge Education Support Professionals Association, full-time employees will work 10.5 hours each day Monday through Thursday, said the Superintendent.

Work schedules are set by individual building administrators. Check with individual offices to determine availability of personnel. See each building's scheduled hours.

Normal hours will resume on Monday, August 14.