Pennridge School District Sleep and School Start Time Introduction

The Pennridge School District has engaged in discussions pertaining to adolescent sleep and school start times. To better understand the 

this topic would have on the Pennridge School District and community, a committee will be developed to study the components that would be affected because of a potential change to school start times.

The committee will be comprised of stakeholders including, students, parents, support and professional staff members, district administration, and community members. The committee will be informed about the research and data surrounding adolescent sleep, as well as the information regarding school start time. The study will be conducted in the form of Action Research. 

Throughout the study, individuals can submit feedback by emailing This is a no response email however will be monitored by the committee and all comments and questions will be reviewed. 

Sleep Study Action Plan: 

  • Form a Pennridge School District Sleep and School Start Time Committee to meet monthly and study the following: 
    • Literature regarding the science of adolescent sleep and school start time 
      • Pennsylvania State Joint Government Committee report 
      • Information from other districts and organizations (i.e. Start School Later, Inc.) 
    • Other school districts experiences with a change to school start times  
    • Potential school start time scenarios for the Pennridge School District 
    • Logistical implications for a change to school start time 
    • Include a variety of community stakeholders
  • Pennridge School District Sleep and School Start Time website to be updated throughout the process with the following information: 
    • Committee information 
    • Minutes from Committee Meetings  
    • Literature and resources regarding adolescent sleep and school start times 
    • Timeline of the process 
    • Frequently asked questions 
    • Upcoming community informational events 
  • Surveys – Students (Teen Sleep Habits), Parents/Guardians, staff and community members (Initial Community Feedback), and other Districts who have already implemented/studied this topic  
  • Attend the Regional Adolescent Sleep Needs Coalition (RASNC) meetings to gather additional information and hear from other local Districts exploring this topic 
  • Collaborate with the Bucks County Intermediate Unit on a joint study regarding sleep and school start times 
  • Develop a communications sub-committee 
    • Students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders 
  • Student, parent, and community forums
  • Develop recommendation 

Kallie Cooper,
Jan 2, 2020, 10:05 AM