District Implements "Sister Schooling" Program

Starting with the upcoming 2014-15 school year, the Pennridge School District will implement a "Sister Schooling" program for new elementary school students in grades 1-5. This program may affect what school new enrollees will attend for their first year in the district.

Here's how it will work:

As soon as registration opens for the next school year (usually in May), the Registration Office will keep track of all new students who enroll. Parents/guardians of those new students will be given notification by letter at the time of registration that they may be sent to a “Sister School” if the enrollment numbers by the second Monday in August exceed the elementary class size guidelines.

The enrollments of each school by grade level will be monitored throughout the spring and summer. A decision regarding class sections will be made by the second Monday in August before the start of the new school year. Those students who registered and were notified that they may attend a “Sister School” will be put through a process that prioritizes who will be sent to a “Sister School.”

Students who have been selected to attend a “Sister School” will be transported at the Pennridge School District’s expense. Siblings of those students will have the option of attending the “Sister School” for that year as well and will be transported at the Pennridge School District expense. The following year, those students (and siblings) will automatically be assigned to the home attendance school.