RAMS Breakfast Honors 52 Outstanding Students

The final R.A.M.S. Breakfast of the 2018-2019 school year at the high school was a huge success, with 52 students in grades nine through twelve recognized for academic or social excellence during the last semester. In addition to the students' achievements, Mrs. Sally Vogel was recognized for her service to the district and congratulated on her retirement. 

R.A.M.S. is an acronym meaning "Recognizing Achievements and Meaningful Success." Three more breakfasts are planned through the end of the year.

The idea for a R.A.M.S. Breakfast was created over the summer in 2017 when the administrative team was discussing ways to recognize students for their successes in school. They didn’t want to limit the criteria to only academic success so they asked the faculty to recommend students who show excellence in academics, trustworthiness, initiative, empathy, service, perseverance, kindness, dependability, building self-esteem and by demonstrating acceptance.

This is no small achievement. Each department was only allowed to nominate one student per grade. For example, there is only one student out of 605 12th graders nominated to receive the award from the English Department.

A new category this year is the Assistant Principal's Award. Each of these students has made a significant contribution to the school community or experience tremendous personal growth.

Art Award Winners

From left: Amelia Metzger, 9th; Heather Chamberlain, 10th; Harley Reiff, 11th; Zachary Marshall, 12th.

Business Award Winners

From left: Ryan Hodder, 9th; Eli Kantor, 10th; Olivia Detweiler, 11th; Bryson Egan, 12th. 

English Award Winners

From left: Alexandra Jones, 9th; Jasmine Borie, 10th; Giancarlo Cooper, 12th. Not pictured: Kayla Banis, 11th.

Family & Consumer Science Award Winners

From left: Bessy Uloa Martinez, 11th; Arianna Weidemoyer, 10th; Natalie Tulone, 12th. Not pictured: Lillian Maxwell, 9th.

Health & Physical Education Award Winners

From left: Jessica Mutchnick, 9th; Luke Cossman, 11th; Adam Walmsley, 12th. Not pictured: Samantha Morris, 10th. 

Mathematics Award Winners

From left: Kacie Leight, 9th; Elijah Tscheschlog, 10th; Ethan Saville, 11th; Bethany Fluck, 12th.

Music Award Winners

From left: Lily Cecere, 9th; Abigail Rose, 10th; Nolan Snyder, 11th; Zachary Splain, 12th.

Principal Staff Nomination

Sally Vogel with Mr. Ott, Mr, Hegen, and Mr. Schoonover

Science Award Winners

From left: Matthew Bauder, 9th; Violet Morano, 10th; Anna Dorneman, 11th; Makenzy Portney, 12th.

Social Studies Award Winners

From left: Abigail Kelly, 9th; Gavin Buiting, 10th; Charlotte Cullen, 11th; Aidan Link, 12th.

Technology Education Award Winners

From left: Jordan Laird, 9th; Caitlyn Diaz, 10th; Michael Caselli, 11th; Nathan Boyd, 12th.

Upper Bucks County Technical School Award Winners

From left: Matthew Metzger, 9th; Denali Ramirez, 10th; Dana Beck, 11th; Hailey Frable, 12th. 

World Language Award Winners

From left: Alexia Tate, 9th; Aidan McGinnis, 10th; Claire Sneed, 11th; Ashley Sucheski, 12th.

Assistant Principal Nomination

Mr. Ott, Grade 12 Principal; Arunaarathi Kallur, 12th; and Mrs. O'Sullivan

Mr. Ott, Grade 12 Principal, and Michael Martin, 11th. 

Mr. Hegen, Grade 10 Principal Conrad Frisch, 10th, and Mr. Henrysen, Guidance Counselor 

Mr. Ott, Grade 12 Principal, Peter Young-Zwirble, and Mrs. Pennebacker, Guidance Counselor