Students Honored

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: from left -- Greg Stumpo (9th grade); Claire Sneed (10th grade); Aiden Babineau (12th grade); and Sofia Gonzalez-Ortiz (11th grade).

BUSINESS: from left -- Skyler Ammon (9th grade); Ashley Groeber (11th grade); Kali Veltri (10th grade); and Anthony Marcantuono (12th grade).

MUSIC: from left -- Nicholas Splain (9th grade); Zachary Vaneman (10th grade); Jasmine Chavous (11th grade) and Janice Rapp (12th grade).

SOCIAL STUDIES: from left -- Jayson Badel (12th grade); Katrina Janeczko (11th grade); Autumn Barnes (10th grade) and Rachael Hess (9th grade).

SCIENCE:  from left -- John Sarro (9th grade); Cheyenne Batchelder (10th grade); David Schlotter (12th grade) and Melanie Zuluaga (11th grade).

FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE: from left - Fabian Gonzalez-Velezquez (9th grade); Molly Miller (11th grade); Mackenzie DePasquale (10th grade) and Anthony Dechant (12th grade).

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: from left, Gregory Masters (9th grade); Azai Ellison (10th grade); Cross Edwards (12th grade) and Courtney McGurl (11th grade).

: Jackson Wayland (9th grade); Dylan Kulp (10th grade); Andreas Skoufos (11th grade) and Emily Witherow (12th grade).

MATH: from left -- Bobby Waite (10th grade); Colin Slider (12th grade); Ava Goodman (9th grade); and Kyla Miller (11th grade).

ENGLISH: from left - Emily Dehaven (9th grade); Shawn Ackley (12th grade); Alexandria Stranix )11th grade) and Courtney Wood (10th grade).

RAMS Breakfast Honors 40 Outstanding Students

The first-ever  R.A.M.S. Breakfast at the high school was a huge success, with 40 students in grades nine through twelve recognized for demonstrating the District’s TAKES PRIDES initiative.

The idea for a RAMS Breakfast was created over the summer when the administrative team was discussing ways to recognize students for their successes in school. They didn’t want to limit the criteria to only academic success so they asked the faculty to recommend students who show:
  • Trustworthiness
  • Acceptance
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Service
  • Perseverance 
  • Respect
  • Initiative 
  • Dependability
  • Esteem Building

Each student was nominated for either academic or T.A.K.E.S. P.R.I.D.E. success.

This is no small achievement. Each department was only allowed to nominate one student per grade. For example, there is only one student out of 600 11th graders nominated to receive the award from the English Department.

Congratulations to each and every student who was honored!