PHS Seeks Wall of Fame Nominations

Established in 2001, the Pennridge School District Wall of Fame honors graduates who have made significant contributions to society through either career achievements or community service efforts. The Wall of Fame provides another way to take pride in the school district and to allow graduates to be positive influences on the students of today.

“We want to find ways to express the pride of the community to our students,” said high school Principal Thomas Creeden. "This program brings back graduates and gives us the opportunity to recognize them for their excellent contributions. The “Wall” also will serve as a permanent reminder of excellence for our students.”

Recipients are honored every other year at a banquet and presentation ceremony in the spring. Wall of Fame inductees have their plaque permanently displayed in the high school lobby.

Criteria for inclusion on the Wall of Fame is stringent: nominees must have graduated from Pennridge High School, be at least 22 years old, and have demonstrated exceptional achievement in a career and/or contributed significantly to the health, welfare or human rights of the local, state, national or international community.

To be considered for 2012 induction, nominations must be submitted by December 15, 2011. Click here for the nomination form or call 215-453-6944. Nominations are kept on file and reviewed every other year. 

See nomination form below.

Wall of Fame Inductees

  • Karen Souder Badger, Class of 1976
  • Morell D. Boone, Ph.D., Class of 1960
  • Anita L. Graver Comley, Ph.D., Class of 1974
  • John N. DuPont, Ph.D., Class of 1982
  • Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., Esquire, Class of 1970
  • Edward M. Harkness, Class of 1969
  • Raymond Moyer, M.D., Class of 1959
  • Gregory C. Nees, Ph.D., Class of 1967
  • Gilbert A. Sheetz, Class of 1932
  • Kerry L. Trauger, Class of 1965
  • Steven C. Wagner, M.D., Class of 1988
  • Martha Baum Walker, Esquire, Class of 1965

  • Paul I. Clymer, Class of 1955
  • William D. Mensch, Jr., Class of 1963
  • Roy C. Sidle, Ph.D., Class of 1966
  • Michael Slattery, Class 1995
  • Martha Spanninger, Class of 1972
  • Michael R. White, Class of 1971

  • John D. Hollenbach, Class of 1965
  • William D. Ehrhart, Ph.D., Class of 1966
  • Christina Le Ager, Ph.D., Class of 1973
  • Richard T. Price, M.D., Class of 1947
  • James L. Pritchard, Class of 1949
  • J. Dale Yoder, Ph.D., Class of 1953

  • Charles W. Baum, Class of 1967
  • David A. Beck, CIC, CPIA, Class of 1971
  • Linda Benfield Grass, CHE, Class of 1969
  • Gregory J. Scott, AIA, Class of 1967
  • Amanda Tevebaugh Yarnell, Class of 1994
  • Jay D. Wenger, M.D., Class of 1973

  • Jeff Hollenbach, Class of 1971
  • Robin E. Schilling, Class of 1999
  • Donna Trumbower, Class of 1967
  • Karen Roberts Welke, Class of 1962

  • Bruce K. Foulke, Class of 1971
  • Teresa Mandic, Class of 1980
  • Donald John Nally, DMA, Class of 1978
  • Thomas F. Nuneviller, Class of 1987
  • William Hart Rufe, III, Class of 1950
  • Lee Rush, Class of 1972

  • David W. Hubbert, Class of 1940
  • Edward L. Wentz, Class of 1956
  • Robert Shoudt, Class of 1958
  • Jill D. Adams, Class of 1968
  • Ronald K. Smith, Class of 1969
  • Blake C. Marles, Class of 1970
  • Rev. Dr. David B. Miller, Class of 1974
  • Dr. Keith A. Blanks, Class of 1976
  • Col. (Ret.) Robin J. Stauffer, Class of 1978
  • Col. Kris J. Stillings, Class of 1978
  • Stephen J. Noll, Class of 1995
  • Regina F. Griffiths, Class of 2000

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Aug 26, 2011, 5:17 AM