Parent-Teacher Groups

Parent-Teacher Groups in the Pennridge School District provide an important source of support for students and teachers through their volunteer efforts in the classroom, at fund-raising events, as special activities coordinators and as a communication network within each school and among all the schools in the district.
Although their goals are similar as they all work to make their school a better place for students and staff, the titles of each school's group vary:
  • Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Parent-Teacher Group (PTG)
  • Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)
  • Parents and Teachers United (PTU)
  • Home and School Association (HSA)
  • Communication Network

What Do Fund-Raisers Pay For?
Fund-raising activities play a major role in helping to finance many non-budgeted educational and enrichment activities such as:
  • School Assemblies
  • Field trips
  • Individual classroom activities, books and materials
  • Computer equipment and software
  • Library books and materials
  • Playground equipment and improvements
  • Campus beautification
  • School-wide special activities-Field Day, Career Day, School Theme

Volunteer Opportunities
The day-to-day activities of the school depend heavily on the willing volunteers who spend time in the cafeteria, the school office, the library, on the playground, and in the classrooms assisting teachers and staff members with the daily work load.

Family Activities
Many groups also sponsor after-school family activities including:
  • Craft nights
  • Square dancing
  • Bingo nights
  • Special reading, science or math activities
  • Game nights
The parent-teacher groups also play a part in keeping in touch with the needs of the community, often providing assistance and relief for families and individuals in need through special donations and contributions. Many schools sponsor Holiday Gift Shops which allow students to purchase family gifts and the proceeds are donated to a worthwhile cause.

To become involved in your school's parent-teacher group, check the district calendar for a list of officers at each school and look for meeting dates in the calendar grids. Contact your school's parent-teacher officers for more information.

Parent Meetings with the Superintendent
All parents are invited to attend the Parent Organizations Meeting with Dr. Jacqueline Rattigan. This provides the parent groups with access to any district administrator. Meeting agendas are set by the parent groups with time allowed for informal questions and discussions about any topics of interest or concern.

Meetings are scheduled as needed, and are announced via email and on the district calendar.