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District Recognized for Music Education

For the second year in a row, the Pennridge School District has been designated by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation as among the “Best Communities for Music Education 2017."
Pennridge is one of 527 districts across the United States to be awarded this honor.  

 "We take great pride in giving our students many opportunities to explore their interests and talents both in and outside of the classrooms," said Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline A. Rattigan. "One of the ways we do this is with an active music program that starts at the elementary level and continues right through high school. Every year, hundreds of children participate in band, orchestra and choir programs that help them develop as individuals."

Best Communities for Music Education

Music Award Presentation


Tom Kelly, who has been the District's representative from Zeswitz Music for 28 years, presented music teachers from across the District with a certificate for earning the "Best Communities for Music Education" award from the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation for the second year in a row.

Only about four percent of districts across the United States are awarded this honor, that is based on high commitment and access to music education.

Research into music education continues to demonstrate educational/cognitive and social skill benefits for children. In a series of landmark studies by scientists and researchers at Northwestern University, for example, a link was found between students in community music programs and lifelong academic success, including higher high school graduation rates and college attendance. In another study from the University, it was discovered that the benefits of early exposure to music education improves how the brain processes and assimilates sounds, a trait that lasts well into adulthood.

Beyond the Northwestern research, other studies have indicated that music education lays the foundation for individual excellence in group settings, creative problem solving and flexibility in work situations, as well as learning how to give and receive constructive criticism to excel, all skills that will serve students now and later in life.

"This award is a wonderful testament to the the School Board, administration and the many teachers past and present who have shared their passion for music with their students," said Dr. Rattigan. "They all share in the belief that a robust program in the arts is a fundamental building block of a well-rounded education program."