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2018-2019 Debate Team Lehigh Valley Interscholastic Debate Association Finalists

The Pennridge debate team in the 2018-2019 season earned a spot in the Lehigh Valley Interscholastic Debate Association (LVIDA) finals for the 7th year in a row.  The elite debate team of Ethan Quinn (senior), Corey Shipman (junior), Ione Blaxall (senior) and Alison Yurchak (senior) had their best debate of the season. The scoring for the exchange was very close but they regrettably lost in the finals by 0.5 points.  Alison Yurchak, debate team vice president stated “Being a part of the Pennridge Debate Team not only makes you a better speaker but a better listener, thus a better overall student and person. This is why Pennridge Debate is so successful.”

The two topics the team researched and discussed this season were Resolved: The United States government should maintain the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 and Resolved: The United States Government should maintain the Electoral College. “These topics are currently in the news and it is important to learn why these issues are significant to our students’ lives” stated Ms. Maderic, debate coach.  This year’s team consisted of 37 students, containing five seniors.

During the regular season, the team had a 26-6 record, earning 2nd place in the league.  They continued into the postseason with a 7-1 record securing their place into the debate finals at Northern Lehigh High School on 4/25/19.  At the debate finals against Salisbury High School, several members accepted trophies for the team’s accomplishments including the LVIDA regular season runner up and the LVIDA finals league runner up.