Students in front of Liberty Bell
Foreign Exchange Students 
Spend Three Weeks at PHS

During October and November, 17 Pennridge High School students hosted 17 German exchange students from the Peter-Vischer-Schule in Nuernberg, Germany. 

Coordinated by PHS German teachers Leanna Goodrich and Michael Garrison, and accompanied by PVS teachers Patrick Schevenious and Patricia Bachmann, the German exchange students, PHS partner students and many other students in the German program enjoyed field trips to historic Philadelphia, the Library of Congress and Capital building in Washington DC, a meet and greet on the Senate floor with Senator McIlhinny in Harrisburg, a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium and enjoyed time learning about the Bethlehem area.  

The German students also enjoyed attending classes with their partners several times a week and the German teachers observed PHS teachers to get new ideas for their own classrooms. PHS partner students will travel to Nuernberg this summer where the exchange experience will be reciprocated. 

The GAPP (German American Partnership Program) program has been a tradition in Pennridge and a benefit to students who choose German for decades.