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Dr. David A. Bolton,

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Secretary: Nancy Chenoweth

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October 2018

Dear Pennridge community,

The School Board met on Monday, October 22. I would like to share with you some details from the meeting:

Student Recognition: I had the pleasure of introducing coach Karen Schnurr and her PHS Girls Lacrosse team to talk about a wonderful community partnership they have with a youth sports team in Philadelphia. They truly exemplify what we expect from our student-athletes.

Curriculum Improvement Proposals: As part of our ongoing commitment to curriculum improvement, the School Board approved the following proposals:

*The proposal includes retroactive Honors credit for Retroactive Honors credit for these classes.

Classroom Innovation Grants: the Board accepted seven grants totaling $7,232 from the Pennridge Community Education Foundation for a variety of initiatives, including coding at the elementary level, flexible seating, and more.

We appreciate the hard work of the PCEF in providing enhanced learning opportunities for our students.

Elementary Air Conditioning: as part of the Six-Year Capital Plan, the Board is exploring the possibility of adding air conditioning to the cafeterias and gymnasiums of all seven elementary schools. The next step in the process is to direct D’Huy Engineering to Motion to prepare design development, project documentation and bidding.

2019-2020 Budget: the Board agreed to limit any potential property tax increase to the Act 1 index (2.3 percent). The Board and the Administration can now follow an extended timeline for approving the budget.

Policy Updates: The Board also approved updates to several policies, including 006-Local Board Procedures; 108-Adoption of Textbooks; 210.1- Possession/Administration of Asthma Inhalers/Epinephrine Auto-Injectors; 246 - School Wellness; 311 - Reduction of Staff; 704 - Maintenance; 806 - Child Abuse; 810 - Transportation; 810.1 - School Bus Drivers and School Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers; 818 - Contracted Services Personnel; and 918 - Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email.

- David

PS: this meeting was the first time we used our Digital Production Studio staff and equipment to produce the meeting. I think they did a great job!