Staff Directory


     Dr. Jacqueline A. Rattigan, 215-453-2710

Director of Administration
     Dr. Troy Price, 215-453-2717

Dir. of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
     Dr. Kathleen Scheid, 215-453-2783

Director of Pupil Services
     Ms. Michelle Burkholder, 215-453-2765

Supervisor of Secondary Special Education
     Mrs. Mia Pietsch, 215-453-2785

Supervisor of Elementary Special Education
     Mr. Scott Ware, 215-453-2785

Director of Human Resources
     Ms. Jacqueline McHale, SPHR, 215-453-2368

Business Administrator/Right to Know Officer
     Mr. Sean Daubert, 215-453-2713

Director of Finance
     Mrs. Emilia Gorbulsky, 215-453-2714

Director of Information Technology
     Mrs. Diane Miler, 215-453-2341

Database Administrator
     Mrs. Linda Bealer, 267-450-8003

Director of Operations
     Mr. Jeff Loeffler, 215-257-5047

Director of Nutritional Services
     Mrs. Gina Giarratana, 215-453-2767

Director of Transportation
     Mr. Brian Geiger, 215-453-2756

Assistant Director of Transportation
     Jessica Short, 215-453-2756

Director of Athletics
     Mr. David Babb, 215-453-6944, ext. 4060

Public Relations Coordinator
     Mr. Joseph Ferry, 267-772-0740


K-5 Curriculum Supervisor for Humanities/RELA
     Mrs. Stephanie Washam, 215-453-2341

K-5 Curriculum for S.T.E.M.
     Mrs. Joan Kulesza, 215-453-2340

Secondary (6-12) RELA Supervisor
     Mr. Hilary Czplicki, 215-453-6944, ext. 3052

Secondary (6-12) Mathematics Supervisor
     Mr. Michael O'Boyle, 215-453-6944, ext. 2072

Secondary (6-12) Science Supervisor
     Mrs. Deborah Cotner-Davis, 215-453-6944, ext. 2051

Secondary (6-12) Social Studies Supervisor
     Mr. Keith Veverka, 215-453-6944, ext. 1072


Bedminster Elementary School
     Mrs. Mia DiPaolo, 215-795-2929

R.B. Deibler Elementary School
     Mrs. Deborah Brady, 215-257-1146

J.M. Grasse Elementary School
     Mr. Howard Vogel Jr., 215-723-7501

P.A. Guth Elementary School
     Mr. Matt Smith, 215-257-8057

Sellersville Elementary School
     Mrs. Sarah Baker, 215-257-6591

M.M. Seylar Elementary School
     Mr. Miles Roe, 215-257-6272

West Rockhill Elementary School
     Mrs. Michelle Wiley, 215-257-9200

Penn Central Middle School
     Mr. Christian Temchatin, 215-258-0939

Penn North Middle School
     Dr. Matt Cole, 215-453-6932

Penn South Middle School
     Dr. Felicia McAllister, 215-257-0467

Pennridge High School
     Ms. Gina DeBona, 215-453-6944