Our Mission Statement

It is paramount that our students graduate with knowledge of their talents, passions, and what is necessary for them to remain lifelong learners and productive citizens. These objectives need to be accomplished in a community-centered environment that is safe, welcoming, nurturing, student-centered and respectful of all.

As such, the mission statement of the Pennridge School District is as follows:

Pennridge School District strives to provide all students with a well-rounded educational experience where they acquire the 21st Century skills necessary for a successful future.

Belief Statement
  • Every individual has worth and deserves dignity.

  • All students must achieve fundamental/basic academic skills.

  • All students should be able to communicate effectively.

  • All students should be able to effectively integrate decision-making, problem-solving and information analysis to become life-long learners.

  • High expectations for staff and students promote excellence.

  • It is the joint responsibility of staff, parents, and community to provide an educational environment that will enable all individuals to realize their potential.

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The Pennridge School District has scheduled an ambitious curriculum renewal process that revolves around its Comprehensive Plan. The District has identified the integration of technology to improve instructional effectiveness as a top priority.

In the elementary schools, communication skills are taught throughout the curriculum. Social Studies is being connected to language arts as an interdisciplinary learning project. The emphasis is on hands-on learning in science and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards are being integrated into all mathematics instruction.

At the middle school level, students will have the opportunity to study algebra and/or a first year foreign language. More emphasis is being placed on computer literacy, both in computer education classes and throughout the curriculum. In addition to team-based instruction in academic subjects, middle school students explore a variety of specialty areas.

The high school offers a comprehensive array of rigorous course selections that allow students to prepare for college and/or a vocation. We have created a rich program of studies with more than 100 different courses which include 18 advanced placement courses, 20 offerings at the Upper Bucks County Technical School, and a variety of cybercourses. More than 84 percent of Pennridge seniors go on to college or institutions of higher learning.

Special Education Programs

Special programs and classes are available for students in need of gifted programs, life skills support, emotional support, learning support, autistic support, speech and language support, hearing support, visually impaired support and multiple disabilities support.