Thank you to all 8th grade parents who attended the gifted meeting on 6/5.  

Here is the PowerPoint from that meeting.

Please email Keith Veverka, Secondary Gifted Supervisor, at

kveverka@pennridge.org with any questions.

Thanks to all who attended!

June 4th - 9th & 10th Period - LGI 3.1

Thanks to all who attended!

An Afternoon with Bill Ehrhart

From Pennridge to Vietnam and Back:

What I Knew & Didn’t Know

Featured in Ken Burns & Lynn Novick’s documentary, The Vietnam War,

Bill Ehrhart returns to Pennridge to share his story.

Thanks to all who attended the Field Trip to

 Washington, DC on April 20th!

Check out our PHS Gifted Canvas Course 

for a list of Individual or Small Group

Gifted Opportunities!

Thanks to all who attended the Virtual 

Field Trip to the Thomas Edison NHP!

Thanks to all who attended the 

Holocaust Remembrance Presentation

Post 697 of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Thanks to all those who attended! 

5th Annual Bucks County

 Teen Peace and Social Justice Summit 

Thanks to all who attended the 

Science & Engineering Presentation!

Thanks for a great trip everyone!

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Gifted Student Meeting!

Tuesday, September 12th

Thanks to all of the parents who attended our
2017-18 Gifted Parent Meeting!

For those parents who were unable to attend, you will receive your child's 
updated GIEP and paperwork for the 2017-18 school year in the mail.  

Please return the NORA to make your child active for this year.

Gifted Advisors:

                                     9th GradeMr. Keith Veverka - kveverka@pennridge.org
                               10th GradeMr. Hilary Czaplicki - hczaplic@pennridge.org
                                 11th GradeMr. Mike O'Boyle - moboyle@pennridge.org
                              12th GradeMrs. Deb Cotner-Davis  - dcdavis@pennridge.org


2016-17 Year in Review!


Thanks to all who attended the 

Every Picture Tells a Story presentation with David Leopold! 


Thanks to all who attended the Writers' Workshop 

with young adult author, Matthew Landis!


Thanks to everyone for a great trip to New York City!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Paideia Seminar: 
Media Literacy and A Search for the Truth: 
Separating Fact from Fiction in Today's Digital Age

It was a great discussion!

Thanks to everyone who attended the 

Mindfulness Presentation!

"Remember to Breath"

Get STEAM'd Art Critique!

 Critique the five (5) pieces of student artwork from the STEAM'd Presentation.
Student artwork is posted in the display case outside of room 352.

STEAM Presentation!

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